British Army recruitment events week

Monday 13th March
Tuesday 14th March
Friday 17th March

For S4-S6 age range, if you want to apply you need to discuss this with your Guidance Teacher be fore applying.

Good morning Everyone,

I would like to inform you of an up and coming events week focusing on Intelligence roles within the British Army. Running from 13th March to 17th March 2023. The surge will include the following support from engagement teams:


Our Core Engagement Team (CET) team will provide specific knowledge and insight to Int Corps at large but offer specific insight into Operator Technical Intelligence and Operator Military Intelligence by way of:

1. Materiel and Personnel Exploitation
2. Role specific presentations
3. Role specific kit and equipment
4. STEM activities
5. ATTRACT items
6. Serving soldier advice and guidance to those students interested
7. Q and A session

Intelligence Corps Officers and soldiers are employed in a wide variety of challenging and rewarding roles in many different locations. Intelligence Corps Operators are provided a unique opportunity to cross train in:

Materiel and Personnel Exploitation
Covert Surveillance Duties
Specialist Debriefing
Imagery Analysis
Close Operational Intelligence Support
Strategic Level Assessment
Counter Intelligence Duties
Electronic Warfare Support
Cyber Threat Analysis

This is a great opportunity for the schools who have pupils interested in Intelligence to gain direct access to soldiers who have served in these high functioning roles. Moreover, engage in the team building exercises and have fun.

Careers within the Int Corps are highly sought after and applicants are required to meet certain educational criteria before being accepted. We will be discussing the educational requirements and apprenticeships available from these roles as well as what qualifications can be gained down the line. Furthermore, Q&A throughout on military life, sports and fitness, adventure training to inform pupils of what life in the Army is all about.

We currently have 13th, 14th and 17th March available. Please respond this this email if you would like to discuss booking a visit or if you would like more information.

Michael Hardie
Gdsm Hardie, Scots Guards.
Recruiting Coordinator | Recruiting Group | RR1 | ACC Edinburgh | 67 – 83 Shandwick Pl | Edinburgh | EH2 4SN | DII(F):