Career Days online events is for any student aged 14-17 who wants to experience different careers or gain work experience in their chosen field. From medicine, law, performing arts, psychology, business or becoming a vet, we have a 1-day online event for you, designed to give you an insight into life in your chosen field.

Dentistry Career Day – Saturday 18th March 2023
Medicine Career Day – Sunday 26th March 2023
Midwifery Career Day – Saturday 1st April 2023
Psychology Career Day – Saturday 8th April 2023
Business Career Day – Saturday 15th April 2023
Architect Career Day – Saturday 22nd April 2023
Vet Career Day – Saturday 29th April 2023
Law Career Day – Saturday 6th May 2023
Computer Science Career Day – Saturday 20th May 2023
Performing Arts Career Day – Saturday 27th May 2023

Students can visit to join a session in their field of interest and will receive a certificate at the end of the day confirming their work experience.

As always, thanks for making your students aware and it would be great if your students aged 14-18 could join in.

Best Wishes

Anna O’Byrne

The CareerDays Team
15 Queen Square
Leeds, West Yorkshire,