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  1. Hi, I’m in S2 and i’m finding it difficult to choose my subjects for Standard Grade. I’m not sure what career i would like to when i grow up.

    I have been told by my parents and some teachers that its best to do all 3 sciences just in case i decide to do a medical-associated career. i like science, but i like lots of other subjects too. For example- CDT, i’m good at that and i would like to choose it.
    I also like ICT- and i think it would make me more “employable” in future if i learn all about computers because lots of jobs involve computers nowadays..

    I guess what I’m really trying to ask is: Should i choose all 3 sciences or should i choose varied subjects- e.g geography, biology, physics, craft & design and computing studies.

    help is much appreciated

    thanks 🙂
    Hello there!
    What a pleasant problem you have!
    Obviously sitting down with your Careers Adviser, Guidance teacher and talking it through at home will all figure in your choice.
    Basically look at you option choice sheet and ask yourself do I want all 3 sciences now or pick one up later. Everyone is different so there’s no one clear answer although your guidance teacher will be able to give you a school perspective on your choice.
    From a careers/course point of view if you have a particular course/university in mind then look up the entry requirements but note that these will only be for the following year – http://www.ucas.com is a good place to start.
    Let me know if you want specific information/websites to help.
    You could try the careersmatch interest guide at http://www.careers-scotland.org.uk to gather some career ideas to start you off.

  2. hey. i have a lot of interest in pursuing a career envolving dancing, the only problem is i dont know where to start. I already do dancing as a part-time thing, but would i need to go to college and do some courses before hand? i really dont know where to start! ta x
    Hi bbZ

    Professional Dancers work in a variety of styles, for example classical ballet or contemporary dance etc. I don’t know what type of dance you currently do part-time so have given a general overview so please get back if the following doesn’t give you what you want.
    You do not need specific entry requirements to work as a professional dancer. However, most entrants have a relevant qualification in dance performance. There are courses in dance and performing arts (including dance) at National Certificate (NC) or National Qualification (NQ) level, as well as Higher National Certificate (HNC) and Higher National Diploma (HND) level. Entry requirements vary and you do not always need formal qualifications. Also Edinburgh’s Telford College has a BA Hons degree in Dance – entry through a relevant HND.
    An important part of the selection process, in all cases, is the audition, which will assess your performance ability and potential. Please visit for further information and links including the British Association of Teachers of Dancing batd or alternatively get back to Careers. Good luck!

    Thanks to my colleague Debbie for this reply.

  3. hi
    i am a 40 year old mother of 4 and i am finding it difficult to get a job at present what i would really like to do is an apprenticeship. as i feel it would benefit me in obtaining the kind of qualifications to do something that i would enjoy rather than just doing anything.
    i live in hertfordshire and would like to do something in my local area so that i am never far from home i do not have any qualifications as i didnt complete school, and never went to college, could someone please advise me what i can do to get into an apprenticeship in my local area.
    This blog covers East and Midlothian and as such I cannot give you specific information on your area. I would recommend you contact Next Step 01462 705000 who will put you in contact with someone in Hertfordshire. You could also try Learn Dierct 0800 101 901 and let me know if you need any further information.

  4. Hey, I am planning to take up the GRE exam and wanted to find out the available dates online. Could you please direct me on how to go about this?

  5. Hi! when looking at the Ucas site for entry requirements, some require certain Standard Grades – usually Eng or Maths in addition to the Higher requirements. When it says they need Standard grade Maths, what Level are they talking about? Would Foundation count or does it have to be General or Credit? Thanks

    It usually means SG at level 1 to 3 but remember you can always take Intermediates in S5/6 if available. Let me know what courses you are interested in and I can supply more information.


  6. Hi Mike

    Zoe here at Fairbridge. Remember I completed a ESTP tool with yourself from your blog. Can you sign post me to it please as would love to use it with a young person. Hope your well.

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