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College applications – North Berwick High

This email has been sent to everyone in S4, 5 and 6
Applying for a college course August 2020
Edinburgh College applications will open soon and it is important you get ready to apply now. To help you with this we are running sessions every Tuesday, period 4 (12noon) in the computing room. These sessions are open to S4 to S6 students, but you need to inform your Guidance Teacher if you in S4 or S5 and want to attend.
Most of the resources we will use can be accessed at: or here
If you are planning to apply for a college course can you please complete the short questionnaire at: or here
Any questions, just email us at or
Mick Burns and Jennifer Jones
Careers Advisers
North Berwick High

A guide to comparing qualifications in the UK and Ireland

Some useful information.

Thinking of working or studying in the UK or Ireland? You may be
interested in the answer to one or more of these questions.
n What do they call the qualification which compares most closely
with mine?
Will I get some recognition for the qualifications I have?
What kind of job or course can I apply for with my current qualification?


Scotland’s Rural College Open Days

Edinburgh open days
Edinburgh Campus Open Days generally start at the arrival time indicated, so unless it specifies that it is a drop-in event, please ensure that you arrive at campus in good time for the start. Our Open Days give you an opportunity to find out more about our courses, speak to lecturing staff, and take a look around the campus.

Forthcoming Open Days are as follows – please book your place by following the links. If you are not able to attend on any of these dates, contact us either by phone on 0800 269 453 or by emailing to arrange a visit.

Open Days at SRUC Edinburgh
Open Afternoon: Wednesday 13 November 2019, 2pm (ends around 4:30pm)
Open Evening: Wednesday 27 May 2020, 5pm start (ends around 6:30pm)
Open Evening: Wednesday 27 May 2020, 6pm start (ends around 7:30pm)

More details here

S5 NBHS Careers Talk 2019

Good morning everyone and welcome to your careers talk.
Mick Burns and Jennifer Jones
Careers Advisers
North Berwick High

While you are waiting here

Today we are going to cover:
What destinations students from North Berwick High follow.
Why Career Management Skills are important.
What type of animal are you!
How you engage in the career planning process.

First up – the leaver destinations.
Now for the serious bit.
Here’s what happened to the NBHS school leavers 2018

We looked at how many North Berwick High students progressed on to various post-school options.

Career Management Skills

Direction is important!

Next task is to complete the Buzz Personality test and you will be asked for your animal later, so make a note of it. Make sure you look at the strengths, learning style and what you are like in a positive direction, parts of the printout you will be given at the talk. You will find this very useful when writing personal statements and CVs as well as preparing for interview questions.



S5-Newsletter-2019 NBHS

The presentation below is a general guide and note the timings apply to making these decisions in S5 or when you are in S6.

S5 options guide and

Final quiz here

On your way music here
Dancing hands here

NBHS S4 Careers Talk 2019

Hello everyone.
Mick Burns/Jennifer Jones
Careers Advisers
North Berwick High School

Learning Objectives

S4 NBHS 2019
S4 NBHS 2019

What happened to the 2018 leavers?

Make a note of the words you would use to describe yourself under each of the CMS jigsaw headings.

Career Management Skills explained

You need to register on MWOW here and remember to make a note of your user name and password. If you have time try and complete My Strengths.

Download this newsletter it has lots of information and resources you can use

CMS prompt notes

Final activity here

Partners event 18 September 2019

Access this talk at

Hello and welcome to this short presentation that will introduce to our work in schools and what we mean when we talk about Career Management Skills.

What we do in schools
The link is here

Career Management Skills


Audience feedback from today here

Here’s some S3 feedback