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S5 NBHS Careers Talk Sept 2017

Good morning everyone and welcome to your careers talk.
Mick Burns
Careers Adviser
North Berwick High

S5 tiny 2017

Today we are going to cover:
What destinations students from North Berwick High follow.
Why Career Management Skills are important.
What type of animal are you!
How you engage in the career planning process.

First up – the leaver destinations.
Now for the serious bit.
Here’s what happened to the NBHS school leavers 2015/16

We looked at how many North Berwick High students progressed on to various post-school options.

Career Management Skills

Next task is to complete the Buzz Personality test and you will be asked for your animal later, so make a note of it now. Make sure you look at the strengths, learning style and what you are like in a positive direction, parts of the printout you will be given at the talk.

SDS Buzz Groupwork
Anyone interested in studying Law, Medicine or Vet Medicine should visit Pathways to the Professions here

Make sure you are registered at My World of Work here

NBHS S5-Newsletter-2017

The presentation below is a general guide and note the timings apply to making these decisions in S5 or when you are in S6.

S5 options guide

Direction is important!

Dancing hands here

Best careers advice for S5 and beyond:


Guten Morgen.
Willkommen in Schottland.
Willkommen zu dieser Sitzung über unsere Arbeit.
Mein Name ist Mick Burns.

The SDS website can be accessed here
My World of Work can accessed here

Our school services
Guide to Careers Services in Schools for parents

Local Service Delivery.
Presentation here

Career Management Skills


Buzz short for Kings Manor

Direction is important here

Feedback here without internet connection.

Your feedback here

One final question here

Here’s what 14 year old students think here

Some resources you can use:
MWOW here
Planitplus here
Degree level careers with languages here
SCILT here
The Buzz Book here

Mindset of Champions

Bryan Leslie is a business coach and trainer, specialising in helping people get massively improved results both personally and professionally. He runs his own training and coaching business, and speaks to audiences across the UK about motivation, leadership and what he terms “ the pursuit of happiness”. Today he is going to cover the “Mindset of Champions”, a fun and engaging summary of the strategies and tactics that successful people in business, sport and life use to achieve their success.

S6 responses here

Action points here

NBHS S6 Talk June 2017
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S6 talks links

Life after NBHS

Opening music here
Good morning S6!

Welcome to S6 at North Berwick High.

This talk is about:
What’s important for S6.
What’s important when thinking about your future.
Getting ready for S6.
What you need to do and when you need to do it.
What resources are there to help you.
Timescales involved.

The countdown clock below is the time left for most ucas applications to be made, 15 January 2018 but really applies to everyone in S6 no matter options they are considering.

S6 Careers Book June 2017

Make sure you are registered at My World of Work here

Poll responses two here

Poll response 3 here

Google Classroom Code

S6 form here

Skills sets of creativity, enterprise and employability

In their 2016 report ‘The Future of Jobs’, the World Economic Forum highlighted anticipated changes in employability skills and suggested that by 2020 over one third of the skills considered important in today’s workforce will have changed. Notably, creativity will have become one of the top three skills needed to deal with the avalanche of new products, new technologies and new ways of working.

The guide explores what these skills are, their importance to young people and how parents and carers can help their children develop these essential skills for life and work. It illustrates the ways in which creativity enhances enterprise and employability skills and how creativity can support the development of personal attributes or characteristics. It includes information about the importance of creativity for learning, life and work and provides examples of young people gaining creativity, enterprise and employability skills and inspiring answers to the question: ‘what is creativity?