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Recharge Monday 23 November

Good evening and welcome to this training session on Careers Scotland.

Tonights session aims to give you some idea of the services we provide both locally and nationally, to make it as hands on, practical and interactive as possible and yes, you will be on camera!


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Youth Workers blank-destinations 

and for Mick

Scottish careers and course information here and this is a video highlighting some of the site

Who are you? Find out here

Armed with this new found insight it’s time for some interview experience!

Example of S3 input – employability skills


Here’s some students role playing as interviewers!

And finally, the quiz

The Futures Fair


An information fair for young people with a disability and their families, about life after school.


Thursday 19th November 2009, between 3pm and 7pm, Main Hall, Brunton Hall, Musselburgh


  • Unsure about what you want to do when you leave school?
  • Are you a family member / carer / friend of a young person with a disability, and are thinking about how their life will change when they leave education?

Drop in to the Futures Fair and get ideas, pick up information and chat to people who may be able to help.  We’ll have over 50 organisations there to help you start thinking about life after school, including: colleges, work and training opportunities, day services, social work, money, advice and information organisations, leisure and much, much more!


You’ll also be able to speak with young people and families about their experiences of the transition from school to adult life.  The fair is free and refreshments are included.


Find out what’s out there for you in East Lothian!  We look forward to seeing you there. 


Any questions, please contact:

Catherine Dempsey – Transition Coordinator, Capability Scotland

07843 369 340


S5 Ross HS Oct 09


This is the second part of the talk and I want you to use some of what we discussed and start thinking about how career planning is part of being independent.

Take this short survey please.

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This is the Career Plan of Action presentation we watched.

Now download your own copy, save to your server and amend as necessary


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Great Photo’s

Photo’s and music!

Access to Industry Course at Jewel and Esk College

IT Support – Get back into education:

FREE* Part-time day-course- compatible with benefits. 

  • What is it?: An SQA accredited intro to IT Support.
  • When?: The programme begins in September and will run for a year
  • Where?:  Jewel & Esk College on Milton Road East, Edinburgh.
  • Support: Additional guidance and advice available from a dedicated support worker throughout the course.
  • Fees: The course is FREE but *eligibility criteria apply. Priority may be given to some students. Call us if you are not sure.
  • Money: Further support may be available to help with any extra costs your client may have. 
  • Benefits: The course is part time and compatible with benefits.
  • Progression: Guaranteed interviews for further progression onto a wide range of full time courses in IT or any of our Access to HNC/D courses.
  • How to apply:  Ask your client download the application form from our website, fill it in and email it to:                 OR Request a paper copy of the form by calling 0131 260 9721 and send it back to us at

                                          Access to Industry, 156 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1RP

                                                        Interviews slots are offered on a first come first serve basis. Encourage clients to apply soon!

Want MORE?

For more leaflets, information or application forms please visit our website at or call Anthea on 0131 260 9721.

Dance Student

I hope what I’ve written will be helpful to other students looking to do a dance career.
I did mainly ballet when I was younger but it wasn’t until I was 16 when I considered looking into dancing as a career option for when I left school at the end of 6th year.  There are soo many courses available nowadays that you are sure to find something that appeals to you.  You can even audition for some that require no previous dance experience or you can do at any age.
The course I decided on was at Telford college.  This was an NC course which covers ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap and even choreography.  This is a 1 year course where you get to experience all forms of dance and get assessed throughout the year.  Its really good if you aren’t quite sure what style of dance you are really interested in or if its teaching, performing or even becoming a choreographer that you are interested in.  It’s really good for dancers who want to have a year to improve their technique or decide exactly which way they’d like to take their dancing. 
After this course you have an opportunity to audition for two types of HND courses, Professional Stage Dance covers commercial dance, singing and acting.  Dance Artist is more to do with teaching and choreography but both do the same amount of ballet, jazz and contemporary technique.
Other places you might like to consider are Anniesland, they have only 3 hours of practical a week though and are more jazz orientated.  If you are more interested in contemporary then there is a contemporary school in Dundee which has had very good reviews.  Also you might even try Reid Kerr in Glasgow, I think they run courses for becoming a dance artist but have a look at their website.  Most of the dance courses also have acting courses as well if this interests you.
Some useful websites you might like to have a look at: