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Nottingham – Vet Medicine

The University of Nottingham says it is “taking a fresh approach to veterinary education” by offering 2 new degree courses – one lasting 5 years and one lasting 6 years aimed at non-science students. They claim they will consider applicants with “vocational qualifications, extensive experience and also those with non-conventional educational backgrounds” as well as those with the usual academic qualifications. Find out more at

Churchill College – Cambridge

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Bursary Scheme is available to anyone applying to
Cambridge for 2008 entry (i.e. applying this autumn).  It is aimed at pupils who are academically very strong who may not otherwise be able to consider applying to
Cambridge.  This year 5 bursaries were awarded worth up to £2000 per year of study.  The closing date for nominations is 1st March 2008.  Full details available on


For anyone who has just completed HNC/HND in a business-related course.
Napier University Business School is offering several scholarships worth £700 to students from any Scottish FE college. It may just encourage someone to apply through UCAS Extra or Clearing.
Interested individuals should write to the address below giving reasons why they think they should be chosen to receive a scholarship, along with a letter of support from their course tutor. They need to include the name of the college they attend(ed). The closing date is 10th August.
NB: It appears to be open only to students who have just completed their course, i.e. not those who finished a year or more ago.
Contact address: Mhairi Leask, Room 1/53, Napier University Business School, Craiglockhart Campus, Edinburgh, EH14 1DJ

Law and Medicine – 2008 Applicants

Important information for pupils applying to Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine or Law courses

All applicants to degree courses in Medicine and Dentistry must now sit an aptitude test. The UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test) is being used by all the Scottish universities (and the majority of those outwith Scotland). This is an aptitude test which does not draw on any particular body of knowledge that a candidate can learn in advance. However there are practice questions on the UKCAT website.
You must Register on-line to take the test. Registration should be made between 1 May 2007 and 26 September 2007. The test must be taken between 18 June 2007 and 10 October 2007. There is a test centre in Edinburgh. The cost of taking the test is £60 (18 June-31 Aug 2007) and £75 (1 Sept – 10 Oct). Bursaries may be available to cover the cost of the test depending on parental income. More information is available on the UKCAT website here

The BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) is being used by a small number of universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, London and University College, London for entry to Medicine and by Cambridge and the Royal Veterinary College for entry to Veterinary Medicine courses. The next test date is 31 October 2007. More information at here

The LNAT (National Admissions Test for law) is being used by Glasgow University (and other institutions outwith Scotland) to assess applications to Law. Full details of test dates and registration is on the LNAT website here

Nursing Applications

Some information from CATCH.    The Guide, the Application Form and Notes on Completing the Application Form can now be downloaded from their website .   Applicants will need to be able to refer to both the Guide and the Notes throughout the application process, including when they are called for an interview.  If we or clients download the Application Form it is essential that the Guide and Notes are downloaded as well. 

CATCH will continue to send out the full application pack to anyone who can’t or prefers not to download it.  Contact CATCH at PO Box 21, Edinburgh EH2 2YS

There is no closing date for applications but since there are generally more applicants than places available (particularly in Midwifery and Child Health) CATCH advises that applicants submit their forms as early as possible.