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Subject choice in S2/3

Find out how you can help your child with subject choices and the support available from Skills Development Scotland.
Join our Careers Advisers Gemma Smith and Joan Duncan for our virtual session on Thursday 25th February at 6.30pm to find out more about:
• How you can help your child with subject choice decisions
• SDS support to help you and your child
• Question and Answer time

More details and registration here

S2 Careers Talk January 2021

Hello and welcome to your S2 Careers Talk.
Mick Burns, Careers Adviser, North Berwick High School

Main presentation
S2 careers talk Jan 2021

How to use the MWOW Subject Choice Tool
This link will give you resources to help you with choosing subjects

The 5 things to think about here

Find resources to help you choose here as well as the worksheet below.

Thank you very much for attending and if you have any further questions, speak to your Guidance Teacher or email me at:

Fringe by the Sea event

Former North Berwick High student will be hosting this event:
The Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell has had a rollercoaster career in politics. For twelve years, he was Scotland’s only Conservative MP. The Scottish Secretary is in Westminster trying to guide the country through an at times mind-boggling Brexit process. He joins the Spectator’s Katy Balls (North Berwick High Alumni) for a lively conversation looking back at his career highs and lows and what the future has in store for Scotland at a time of seismic change.

More details here

Careers Advice survey

Giving your child careers advice
How do you speak to and advise your children about careers? Do you have the right support and information to speak to your children about their future career path? Please take five minutes to take part in this survey, to help Skills Development Scotland give parents the right support.

In this survey we would like to find out how aware you are of careers information, how you advise your child/children that you care for around careers and what support and information would help you do this effectively.

North Berwick High School/Ross High – S6 Careers Talk

The following information/newsletters/resources/presentations cover all the areas of the S6 talk delivered on 20 August 2010.

If you or your parents/guardians would like to discuss these further please contact me at the addresses given on the newsletter.


Main presentation

S6 Planning Newsletter 2010

S6 Deadlines most of the websites you need are listed here

S6 Planning Newsletter 2010 sites listed on this leaflet as well

Smart sheet

UCAS Scottish Guide

Open Days in Scotland

Gap Year websites

University Guide

Degree course planner Degree Course Planner

What can you do with your degree? Try Prospects