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  1. hi iv never tried to get a job before and i would quite like a job working evenings and weekends. possibly a job in the summer as well but i don’t know how to go about doing so could you give me some advice?
    wb asap
    many thanks!

    Mick tells me that there is an organisation in East Lothian called Teenwork Scotland. Why don’t you speak to him about it in school. Beth Wilkinson (Careers Adviser)

  2. just now i dont really have a job as i mostly volunteer at the stables in longnidrry and i sometimes get given the odd amount of money every so often but i would like a job at the weekends and some days after school either working with people or animals and a job that i could do during the summer but i dont really know how to go about getting a job any help would be appreciated

    There are a couple of things you could do:
    Keep your eyes open! Lots of employers place adverts in the window or ask around for temporary workers
    Use the local press
    Ask around and let people/family and friends know you are looking for work
    Apply to companies on-spec (asking for jobs) using a letter with a short CV – you can make your CV on here
    It may be worth registering with Teenwork

  3. At the minute I am stuck on what to do for extra money because nothing close to me is on offer at the minute….plus i’m not 16 until September! What should I do?
    And in the future when/if I have a good career would it be sensible to make money by playing music as well? It is my number one passion but not something I want to be doing full time because of the money I’d earn.
    Thank you!! 😀
    See my answer to the previous post about employment.
    The music question is not so easy to answer here so make an appointment to see me in school to discuss.

  4. if i was in the army would i be able to earn degrees in my spare time

    It is possible to study through the Open University but you may want to look at army sponsored degrees as well, so check out Army which gives more information.


  5. i would like to go to uni and do history and i want to stay close to north berwick but are the uni’s any good around here.
    A good university is the one that offers the course you want in a place where you want to be. There are plenty of options, so keep them open, start researching and use the guides available in the Yellow Section of the school careers library.

  6. What good, well paid jobs are there surrounding art?
    check out connexions
    You should find details of pay in the articles. There is a box on the home page where you can type in the job that interests you. Look at Graphic design, Interior, fashion etc and they will lead you to other careers in art.
    Beth Wilkinson

  7. if i have got my degree in history what jobs can i do

    Take a look at Prospects which shows the type of work, training and study that History degrees lead onto.

  8. Calum

    There is a package called Careerscape which may be available on the computers in your school which has a useful section titled ‘subject links’. If it is not available on the computers in your school then speak to your school CA, and he should be able to print the information off for you.

  9. Conor – the Army have a number of options for studying degree courses including sponsorship opportunities. You should speak to them about it. They have a Careers Office that you could visit 67-83 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh or see http://www.army.mod.uk

  10. Matt.
    There are several ways you can approach this and for local work it is useful to look around shops, hotels etc. as they sometimes advertise on their premises. Ask your friends and family if they have any ideas or contacts that you could use. Use the Careers Scotland website and go to CV Builder and use this to contact employers http://www.careers-scotland.org.uk

  11. Am I the only person who cannot get on the website advertised for temporary Xmas work? When I type in and enter the Website address (which incidently is advertised outside my main Sorting Office) there is no on-line Application Procedure availble. Can anyone HELP???
    I think it’s time I removed this!

  12. My partner is the bread winner in the family and is currently in full time employment along with going to college doing electrical installation. He has been told by his tutors that he really needs to get a job in the industry. This is something he really would like to do but can’t afford a drop in income. Do you know of any companies that take on people for on the job training. Not apprentiships as I know they are low paid.
    Please help!
    As you can see this blog is aimed at people in East Lothian but if you send me your location I will try and get some local contacts to start you off. If you are living in Scotland I would suggest you start by contacting the Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust and try Learn Direct and Learn Direct Scotland.
    Hope this helps.

  13. Hi Mick

    thought I would bring retained firefighting to the attention of your readers. I currently work at North Berwick High School but a couple of years ago I applied to join as a retained firefighter at our local station. After interviews and intensive training I was delighted to join our local crew. I’ve now been a retained firefighter for about 18 months and love every minute of it. Every call out brings a new challenge from assisting in major incidents in Edinburgh to rescuing pigeons stuck in trees (yes really). I am learning new skills and challenging myself all the time. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, at 5’2” I’m not as strong as the guys but I am more ‘compact’ than them. We all work as a very effective team. Although I personally won’t move onto full time firefighting I know a lot of the crew have and been very successful with their careers.

    This may interest some of your readers and indeed their parents as it may well be a career that hadn’t been considered in the past

  14. Hey, i’m 16 what is the usual per an hour rate? i’m from new york, thanks.
    This infomation is from HM Revenue and Customs site and refer to the National Minimum Wage Rates
    There are three different national minimum wage rates, which are usually updated in October each year. The rates that apply from 1 October 2009 are as follows:
    for workers aged 22 years or more: £5.80 per hour
    for workers aged 18 to 21 inclusive: £4.83 per hour
    You can get use recruitment and vacancy sites to get an idea of ‘going rates’ try Job Centre Plus for starters

    for workers aged under 18 (but above compulsory school age): £3.57 per hour

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