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  1. Is it better to have a gap year befor you start uni?
    Choosing to do a Gap Year really depends on what you want to do, when you intend to go to University and more inportantly is the year planned,organised and will it help with your application. There are really useful books in the orange section of the careers library with loads of information to start you off. In addition Gap Year and make sure you register – that way you get to use Exodus – a great website for those wishing to work, travel or study anywhere in the world!


  2. i would really like to travel before uni would u recomend this??? xoxo

    If it is planned and supports your personal, academic and career plans then you should look into this and start researching it now.

  3. Is there a higher or lower chance of getting into university if I take a gap year and travel round the world with Ryan?

    Good to hear from you again!
    I would guess that getting into University is in your own hands but I am more than happy to help with this and can even help with some Gap Year stuff as well.


  4. is doing a gap year before goin to uni the best thing to do?? or will it set me back for goin into uni??

    As you are moving into 5th year try and look at both options, study and Gap Year but leave the decision until S6. You have a variety of options here, which includes deferred entry etc. So start by researching which subject and where to study and we can develop this when you return after the summer.


  5. I would really love to travel the world-pref south east asia-but im not really sure when to take my gap year,b4 or after uni.


    There is no clear cut answer here – it really is down to individual choice and there is no reason why you shouldn’t research both options as you move through S5 and then make decision when you start S6. I can provide you with information and advice on your options if you come and see me in school.


  6. I’d love to travel and see the world so Mick can you give me lots of money?


  7. id really lik to go to America but i dont know if it would be a problem to aplly for uni’s a year late? or maybe courses in America? is it really expensive and a bit of a long shot??

  8. It depends on what you want to do with your gap year or not.
    Some people take a gap year to work and raise funds for studying. Some people take a gap year to try and help them decide what they want to study. Some people take a gap year as they feel they are too young to go to uni.
    Unis now accept that young people do want to take some time out before they apply to uni, but if you are applying for deferred entry to uni then it may be wise to mention in your personal statement what you plan to do during your year out as it shows that you are forward thinking and have good organisational skills.
    If you have a particular uni in mind then it may be wise to check with the course leaders that they are happy for you to take a year out.
    As to the question on of whether to travel before or after uni…..only you can decide. Some people take a gap year and work and then get used to having money and end up not going to uni. You need to decide for yourself. Maybe you feel that you need a break before going to uni to recharge your batteries.
    Hope this answers some of your questions.

  9. I’d love to take a gap year in New Zealand, but would my Scottish qualifications get me a job over there?


    Couple of things here:

    I need to provide you with general information on working in New Zealand so drop in and see me in the library and start by contacting the New Zealand House
    80 Haymarket
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0)991 100 100
    Fax: +44 (0)20 7973 0370

    We need to  discuss the type of work you want to do over there – drop me a reply here or call into the school library to discuss.


  10. Hi mick, I am considering a gap year when I finish 6th year and I’m wandering about the best way of doing it e.g whether to apply for uni first and then go or to take a year out then start all the uni stuff. Or maybe I should go to uni first. Advice?????????????
    Have a look at the comments on this page and you will see that it all depends on your situation so we need to meet up and discuss this.  Remeber the study/Gap Year are related and you need to research both and then make a decision so first up, let’s look at what/where you intend to study. 
    Try to get you started.

  11. hi, is it possible to take a gap year in the middle of your uni course?! and i heard that you can take two years if your uni allows it, is this true?
    tar x


    Have you identified your degree course yet? I think you to ask why you are planning this during your course  (some courses have a year out as part of the degree) and you will need to discuss this in advance with the university you intend to apply to.

  12. I would love to go and work in Anaheim for my gap year, it may sound weird, but it’s one of my dreams to go and work with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks seeing as I love that team so much and went to see them twice. Would it help me get an idea of how the game works, i know how it does, but i’m wantin 2 study film and media and would love to do some films or documents on ice hockey and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. cause it’s not very popular in the UK, it’s only field hockey that’s popular. Would it help me in my journey to studying film and media if i worked with them?
    If you could help me understand I will be so greatful.


    You are correct – what we need to look at is how you will develop your career ideas and this would start with your post school options. You need to identify what area in media interests you (design, film, production etc.) and then link these to courses or employment. 

    I had a look at the Duck’s site so we can talk about their progress later!  Meanwhile arrange to see me in school and look at Section G (Media) in the careers library.


  13. thanks for the great class mick from class 5l.
    You’re welcome!!!

  14. How do I find things to do in my gap year?
    If you attend North Berwick or Ross High school arrange to see me and the following are some sites to get you started. Basically, decide what you want to do (travel, work, gain work experience etc.) and then discuss it with your Carees Adviser!
    Careers Scotland access a careers database called Exodus
    Gap Year
    Year Out
    Summer Jobs
    The above are only a few sites, I have lots more and reference books to help you!

  15. My mum reckons that most people who after school have a year off then go to uni, don’t go back to uni… Is this true? Because I know exactly what I want to do at uni, i am just going to defer my uni course for a year and then go. I know i want to do it but I just need a year off after school because i am brain dead… Is it true that 90% of the people who take a gap year don’t go back to uni if they know for sure what they want to do?
    Not sure where these statistics are from but you certainly sound like you know what you want! The main point I would make is to plan your Gap Year and make it work for you no matter the reason for choosing this option.

  16. A very wise person told me once that when you get out of high school you are too young and need to see the world a bit before picking a school or a mayor. So i would always go for the gap year.

  17. One of our ex-students updates us on his Gap Year experience!


    Ok so I chose a gap year because I knew I’d like a break before throwing myself right into uni. Also I came to the conclusion that you’re only young once and I want to do as many crazy things as I can while I’m at this age.

    So with this in mind and with the laid back/big party reputation Australia has, I booked my one way ticket to Sydney. To be honest that’s really where my planning stopped…I mean I got my working holiday visa organised and I set up an Australian bank account but that’s it really. Anyway I think I arrived on the 29th of July. Obviously my first priority was to find somewhere to sleep so I caught a train to central station (seemed like the most sensible place to head to) and then spent the next 2 hours dragging my suitcase around Sydney. Also the wheels broke so I was left carrying the huge thing down George Street (the Princes Street of Sydney). Eventually after asking for a few directions I found a hostel to check in to. (Staying in a hostel is a must. The people you meet/the nights out you have are insane).

    Anyway I got kind of carried away and ran out of money in week two. Got a bit paranoid when all I had was $20 in my wallet and I had no return flight. So in a desperate attempt to make money I ended up getting a job as a door to door sales person (A low point in my life). I went through a couple of other jobs during this time but they were all part time and badly paid. So I was left scrapping until one day when I went to a house to attempt to sell them something. I got on really well with the guy and after a while of talking to him it turned out he owned a removals company and he offered me a job! And this is the job I still have today. It’s hard work but ridiculously well paid. Also with the diet I now have away from home it really helps me stay fit.

    And from then on this awesome life has just snowballed. I’ve managed to save a huge amount, I’ve met tons of new friends, I bought my very own surf board last month and life’s just perfect really. Also with four friends I met through work, sport etc we’ve all moved into an amazing flat just 10mins walk from the city centre. So I now have my own place/double bed! Some of my mates are all heading out in January to join me. So our future plans are to party it up in Sydney till around March when we’re then going to buy a campervan and drive up the west coast for 2/3 months before coming home! I’m sure we’ll get up to a lot more shenanigans before then though

    And I’m afraid I don’t really have much advice for anyone else planning to get away for their gap year. I mean I suppose you could organise a hostel, save more money before coming out and perhaps even have a job waiting for you when you get here. But looking back at it now, I wouldn’t do anything differently. I mean it was hard when I first arrived but in that time I learnt a lot about life and a lot about myself (I even impressed myself at some points). And now I think I’m better for the experience. Also I have so many crazy memories from it! It’s still insane to think I managed to start a whole new life on the other side of the world. You really just have to make the trip yours, be prepared to meet new people and to be ready for something completely new. It’s a crazy life I’m living right now and trust me, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

    Anyway I’m gutted to hear its cold back home. Its 30 degrees here and I’m just off to Bondi for a surf.

  18. hey my freind and i want to go traveling hes one year older than me so when i finish high school hell finish his first year at uni can he take a gap year in the middle of studies?

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