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  1. Where would you go to find information on the NHS and how to become a doctor ?

    Here are some sites you can visit and also use the careers library Blue Section J for information on all HNS and Health related careers.
    The online recruitment for NHS Scotland can be found NHS Scotland


  2. Alreet just wanted to ask u a cuple of questions, How many highers do you need to be a journalist? and what do you need to take? Reply A.S.A.P
    The nearest degree course for Journalism is at Napier and the entry requirements are
    School Leavers:
    240 UCAS tariff points at Higher level including 4 Highers at BBBC including English at B.
    The careers information you need is Journalism
    Hope this helps and I would suggest you arrange a careers interview with me during S4 to look at your career planning in more depth.


  3. which subjects would be best to take at higher if i want to do law in university?
    You will find that in Scotland Higher English is usually required (but not always) so it’s better to check individual requirements for the courses you are interested in.
    Use ucas to locate Law and related courses in the UK.


  4. What are the best univercitiys in scotland for engineering and what highers will I need?
    This is a question that I am asked a lot and very difficult to answer! People choose a university for different reasons, location, courses on offer, sports facilities etc. So start by identifying the courses ucas
    Ask yourself ‘What type of course am I looking for?’ and use your careers library Blue section R (Enginerring) for more detailed careers information.

  5. hey dude, i just wanna know what i need to get into teaching in high schools. love and kisses, matt. xx
    You will need Higher English and English and Maths at Standard Grade and try to gain as much and as varied work related experience with Primary Schools etc. A good place to start this summer could be with the East Lothian Council Special Needs Playscheme.

  6. What is the best university for learning to be an engineer? Also what and how many highers do i need and at what grades are required to get into the university?

    See my reply to Maria above.

  7. What highers will I need to go into primary school teaching?
    Take a look at the information on Teaching
    English is required and in some cases you may need Higher Maths.
    You will see that there are 2 routes into Teaching so why not make an appointment to see me in school to look at these in more depth.


  8. What universities teach phycology. Also what other Unviersities teach Arcitachture.

    You can do a course search on the UCAS website and it will list all of the universities that offer courses in Psychology and Architecture http://www.ucas.co.uk
    Get Mick or your Guidance Teacher to show you if you struggle.

  9. hey i was wondering if you could let me know what universities i could attend to study psychology?
    wb asap


    In the UK there are 1,944 Psychology courses so you better start your research as soon as possible!  Where do you want to study?  Do you want to take Psychology as a science subject (the entry requirements may be differrent) or a Arts subject? ASk youself if you want to follow a career in Psychology in the future and use http://www.bps.org.uk which has a very good careers section.

    There are course at

  10. Hi,
    I like medicine and I would like a career in this field.
    What qualifications do I need?
    Do tell.

    Check out my reply to Beverley at the top of this page and think about the Pathways Programme at Edinburgh University.

  11. What Quailifications do i need to do Interior Design?

    Where are the best Uni’s for Interior Design?


    To get you started here’s the requirements for Napier

    Entry 200 UCAS points with at least 180 at Higher/A Level English minimum 48 points.

    Typical SQA Higher: BBC or BCCC, includes Higher English.
    GCE A Level: BC, includes GCSE English at C or above.
    Portfolio essential.

    The courses can be located at http://www.ucas.com

    There is a good overview of Art and Design careers at http://www.yourcreativefuture.org


  12. What qualifications do you need to do law or criminology? Do you need biology to do criminology?

    thank you


    There are a range of law, ciminology and related courses on offer so you will need to visit
    http://www.ucas.com  to find out about in more detail.
    You do not require Biology for criminology but I suspect you are thinking of Forensics here so why not make an appointment to see me in schol and we can look at these career areas in more depth.

  13. what qualifications are needed to join the fire service

    Here’s the information on Firefighter
    The main points of for entry are.
    You must be at least18 years old.
    For direct entry to firefighting the usual entry requirement is a good general education and a pass in entrance tests. Standard grades may be useful, particularly in Maths, English and Science. People also enter the fire service with Highers and degrees, although there is not a graduate fast entry scheme.For direct entry to firefighting the usual entry requirement is a good general education and a pass in entrance tests. Standard grades may be useful, particularly in Maths, English and Science. People also enter the fire service with Highers and degrees, although there is not a graduate fast entry scheme.

  14. hey just wanted 2 know what uni i should try 4 something graphics ish???? thanks xxx
    I would start by asking what do mean by ‘graphic ish’ and where do you intend to study in the UK?
    Start, as always with ucas and follow this up with some broader career research using the careers library in school (section E for artisitc work) and visit this related siteArtistic Careers

  15. how do u go about starting up ur own franchise?


    There are various organisations that can help you so I suggest you contact me with more details on the type of business you are planning to set up.


  16. What universities run soundengineering course and what are the entry requirments for the courses?

    The careers information on this career is here
    There are a range of courses on offer from National Certificate level up to degree level so research this career area then arrange to see me in school. I would also look at direct applications to recording studios, in which case it’s onto our CV Builder which you can use to contact employers direct.

  17. what qualifications do you need to become a policeman?
    Here’s the general careers information on Police Officer
    You may find it useful to look at Lothian and Borders Police
    The main points they highlight for joining are:
    To apply to become a Police Constable with Lothian and Borders Police you must:
    be of good character
    over 18 years of age
    physically and medically fit
    If not a citizen of the European Union, applicants must have indefinite leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom.
    All applicants must have been resident in the United Kingdom for at least the past three years.

  18. what will i need to study languages in uni?

    matt xx 🙂


    Some courses will require the language to be studied to Higher level but some language courses can be taken as a new subject at University.

    There are questions you need to ask, such as, do I want to study the language as a single subject or link it to another subject area?

    http://www.languageswork.org.uk/further.htm has useful advice and information as does the Blue section F in your school caeers library.

  19. Gayle would like to know…..
    I am interested in studying history and becoming a possible history teacher in secondary schools. what highers will i be needing?

    I checked the entry requirements for Edinburgh and they want 4 Highers at grade B from one sitting with no particular subjects specified. You may want to start identifying possible courses and contacting the admissions tutors for more detailed information.
    The situation re the postgraduate course for History Teaching at Edinburgh is different and along with your degree you also need Higher English. This is why it’s important to plan ahead!


  20. Heya, I was just wondering..what qualifications would I need to become a journalist for music magazines?
    wb asap

    The main requirements are:
    at least 5 Standard grades including English but most employers prefer Highers or the equivalent
    preferably, a degree or at least a Higher National Certificate or Higher National Diploma (HNC or HND) in journalism – most entrants are graduates
    if your degree is not in journalism, a Postgraduate Diploma
    good spelling, grammar and punctuation
    paid or unpaid practical experience – get it through student or local journalism or contact newspapers directly.
    I suggest you visit http://www.nctj.com/ which has more detailed information and look at gaing some work experience to help decide if this is the right choice for you.  Getting involved in school/locl publications woud be another good idea.

  21. why do we have a smil;ey face next to our last comment?

    I have no idea – but I like it!

  22. what qualifications at higher are needed for law? also how much on average does a lawyer get paid? xxxxxxxxxx

    As always it depends on the type of course you choose and where you want to study
    Use ucas and I checked our website for the the salaries information which you find here

  23. Hi Mick, what highers do I need to become a P.E teacher ?
    Regards, Elton x


    English and your nearest place for study is http://www.ed.ac.uk for both degree and postgraduate study.

    It may be worthwhile talking to your PE Dept in school about your ideas as well.

  24. hey im kinda interested in being a high school pe teacher what qualifications will i need?? xxxx

    You will require Higher English (English and Maths at SG as well) and back this up with lots of work experience.

  25. what qualifications do i need to become a games designer?
    To get you started I have attached info on the Games Design course at Abertay
    You will notice that no specific subjects are asked for but you can always contact the university and speak to the department about your subject choice.

  26. is there any near by dance colleges where u dont need alot of different dancing experieces
    Hannah x

    Iwould suggest you start by looking at the courses offered by Jewel and Esk and Telford
    I think it will depend on what type of career you are planning in dance, is it teaching or performing?
    Use Blue Section G (Arts and Sports) in the school careers library as well to help you.

  27. where can i find out what qualifications i need for a particular course (e.g. law, medicine, veterinary medicine) in a university in the USA? I don’t think they give them on the uni website.

    Best start at Fulbright and arrange to see me to discuss.

  28. Which Highers are ideal for going into a Marketing course at university? Also, would you recommend doing Maths Higher if you are aiming to study Law? Thank you!
    Lots of courses don’t specify exact subjects at Higher and aske for English and Maths at SG.
    It may be worth looking at this sitefor information on professional examinations for this career.
    Let me know if you want to look at this career and related courses in more depth.


  29. What qualifications do I need to become an airline pilot?

    Bob II.
    The information you need is here and check out Section Y (Transport) in the school careers library.

  30. Wondrin wot subjects to take n uni nearby that would be gd 4 graphic design

    Art and English at Higher will be useful but you need to identify the course and look at the entry requirements for that course/college.
    Visit here for information and interviews with people working in a range of careers in art and design.


  31. Hi im not sure what i want to do but some ideas ive had are something to do with fashion or pyscology courses.id quite like to write for a fashion magazine or something like that

    Best place to start is completing Pathfinder a computerised interest guide available on the school server under applications. This will be saved and you can arrange an interview to look at your options in more depth. It would also be useful to look at your subject choice and make sure this will allow you to move onto the kind of courses you are thinking about.


  32. what highers are required for phsycology and buisness management at uni?
    muchos luvos

    Kat and Lara
    Entry requiements for these courses are different so I suggest a visit to ucas as a good first step. You will need to link this your S5/6 subject choice and get back to me with your next set of qustions!


  33. Just testing this thing and eh … how hard am I supposed to work in 5th year?
    Cheers x



  34. what websites are there about gap years?
    luvos muchos
    Kat and Lara.
    There are lots of sites such as Gap Year and I can provide you with more.
    Try the school careers library orange section (on the right hand side) which has loads of information and books – if you are lucky we may even let you borrow some!
    Register with Careers Scotlandand you can use My Careers Scotland to gain free access a database called Exodus that provides information on working/travel/study anywhere in the world.

  35. hey.
    whot qualifications do i need to be a music teacher??
    wb xx

    I assume you are asking about teaching music in school – if so music will give you a flavour of the requirements for degree courses.
    RSAMD will show you information on the BEd route.
    Keep me updated.


  36. What qualifications do you need to study elctrical engineering?
    Depends on the qualifications you leave school with and what level of course you intend to take. As a rough guide courses at college will requiure some SG and possibly Highers (for HNC/D) and degree courses 3/4 Highers. For example the Electrical and Electronic Engineering B Eng at Heriot Watt asks for 4 H ighers to include Maths and Physics/Technological Studies.
    ucas will provide a full list of courses in the UK.

  37. Hi, i am a little stuck on what i’d like to do. Something with a challenge and envolves lots of brain and hard work. Law, medicine and pyscology have all interested me in the past but when i think about stress opposing money i get confused. I would really like some help with getting a better idea of which uni’s give the best courses and where to go after. Thank you for any help that you could offer 🙂
    I like the idea of using this blog to contact students but think you should make an appointment to see me in school as you have a range of options (and questions!) that we need to look at and agree some action points.

  38. I would like to go to edinburgh university to study either phsycology or to be a social worker but to be a social worker you need relevant experiance before you start uni what sort of relevant experiance would it be and what sort of qualifications would i need to get in on either courses

    You will get the entry requirements here and I think you should ask yourself the following questions:
    Do I want to take Psychology as a Science or an Arts subject? This is important as the entry requirements are different.
    There is some useful inofrmation at Edinburgh and remember you can always contact the admissions tutor for the course to discuss relevant work experience.

  39. are there any good careers tests on the net, i don’t know what i want to do.

    Yes! Try CareersMatch
    On the school server under applications there is a very good careers interest guide called Pathfinder which will save your profile and we can look the results when you arrange an interview in school.

  40. what qulifications do you need if you want to become a film writer

    I found this article writing and although it won’t answer all questions it will give you a flavour of what to expect.
    I found a range of degree courses here which includes screen and creative writing.

  41. What qualifications are the most helpful for joining the police?
    Also, What highers help to study law at university?
    Here’s the information on Lothian and Borders Police
    For Law you will find that no particular Highers are specified but make sure you check the entry requirements for every university you are interested in as some may have different requirements.

  42. I’m interested in studying law and french at university when I leave school, what are the best universities in Scotland for this course?

    This is an impopssible to answer! You can use the Times Online University rating to help but it really is a question of course content and location. Start by researching the course in depth, which may include looking at graduate destinations, how the course is taught, what options are on offer etc. and then think about where you want to be for 3, 4 or even more years.
    There are lots of books to help in the school careers library.

  43. what unis can i get a course in palaintoligy?
    Found a course at University of Bristol Palaeontology and Evolution I suspect you would be better starting your research on degree courses in Archaeology which will include Palaeontology. As with all things at Higher Education start with ucas

  44. What are the best kind of subjects I should be taking to study law? Like sciences, social sciences, arts……?

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