Graduate Fair – SECC, Glasgow


Tuesday 13 October 2009, 2-7pm

Wednesday 14 October 2009, 11am-4pm

Whether you have recently graduated or are still en-route towards your degree, the place to be on 13 & 14 October is the Scottish Graduate Fair at the SECC, Glasgow.  It’s open to students and graduates from all universities and it’s totally free.

It’s never too soon to begin career planning and some exhibitors will be recruiting for internships and placements for students who have not yet reached their final year.

If your game plan is to continue your studies before seeking employment, come and talk to selectors from several Scottish universities about postgraduate courses and research.

Exhibitors flock to the fair (this year there will be around 100 graduate recruiters) because it attracts around 4,000 visitors.  Check this year’s line-up, find out about the ‘Prepare for the Fair’ seminar, free bus service and download a copy of the Fair Guide at

S5 Ross HS Oct 09


This is the second part of the talk and I want you to use some of what we discussed and start thinking about how career planning is part of being independent.

Take this short survey please.

Save these newsletters to your server as well



This is the Career Plan of Action presentation we watched.

Now download your own copy, save to your server and amend as necessary


More on Machu Picchu

Great Photo’s

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NBHS Parents Presentation 6 October 2009

This is the S6 careers talk I mentioned at the evening session.  Please feel free to use the sites below (no need to take the survey!) and you can post questions or email me at if you require any additional information.

Good morning and welcome to your careers session.

Today we are going to gather some information from you, show you careers resources, information and advice and help you get started with your career planning.

If you are S6 then complete this survey

And this survey as well

If you are doing this in period 2 start by completing this survey NB give the email address you use most often

Here’s your results! period-2-results

If you are doing this in period 3 start by completing this survey NB give the email address you use most often

Additional survey

The results will appear here during the session

Download the following documents to your folder (right click and save as)



Good , you now have your newsletters and links on your folder for future use.

Try the following sites to get you familiar with the range of courses on offer

Higher Education


This site has all the UK degree courses and you will need to get familiar with it over the coming year. If you are planning to go to university from S5 you must let your guidance teacher know asap.

Now click on Course Search, then courses starting in 2010, search by subject, choose Aeronautical Engineering, then select All Aeronautical Engineering Courses. You now have a list of all 144 courses!

Further Education

Jewel and Esk College

Pick Courses from main menu, then from Subject Area choose Care, then Early Education and Childcare NC, look at the entry requirements – what do you need to become a Nursery Nurse?

Further Education

This is Edinburgh’s Telford College site, go and explore if you like!Further Education

Stevenson College information

Further Education

Oatridge College


This is the Careers Scotland site, feel free to search, register and use as necessary.


Planitplus, go to the Careers Zone, Job Profiles, A-z, pick your job/career and find out what it’s all about.

Career Planning?

Nice advice!

Medicine/Law/Architecture/Vet Medicine try this site

Make sure you register asap.

Gap Year

Go on, have a look!

Personality Test

Take the Personality Test, it’s fast, fun and pretty accurate so make sure you save it to your documents as you may want to use some of this in the future.

Now it’s time to start turning all that information, advice and knowledge into action!

Download the Action Plan cpoa-s5-blank and start completing and we can update as necessary when you request a careers interview.

Add your name and the date at the top.

Try and identify which stage (1 to 6) you are at now – don’t worry too much just look at the options and choose. Then you move onto what you need to think about and complete as much as you can. the final section is Actions so try and think of practical ways you can move your ideas/planning forward and the ‘When’ box will help you decide the timescales involved. Don’t give yourself too long a timescale now!

Now, if you want to get all this stuff in one place, why not visit here, register and start your own portfolio

This blog is for you to use as well and on the left hand side are sections where you can ask questions, look at previous questions and answers, find out what ex students are up to and even listen to some podcasts.  To ask a qustion you simply fill in the appropriate section and send, that’s it!  There are links to colleges and other sites on the right hand side so be creative, go explore, ask questions, make suggestions and use this resource to your advantage!

If you’ve managed all this then log onto Pathfinder, a careers interest guide located on the school server under applications, it has a yellow logo. Remember to use your full name so I can retrieve your password if you lose it! The results from Pathfinder includes a personal profile, job and higher education suggestions so take your time and make sure you look at the information provided.










Inspiring Futures October holiday Project

High school age?

Need something to do in the October break?

Community Learning & Development

and Edinburgh Napier University

have it sorted.

“Inspiring Futures October holiday Project”

An exciting new series of fun, stimulating and creative workshops for secondary

school age young people.

Led by some of Scotland’s leading professionals, these workshops are absolutely free.

We’ll show you how to develop your interests and talents into career

aspirations or a hobby.

If you have the interest we’ll help with the inspiration.


A week of events AND free lunch!

See attached.

How to enrol

Call 0131 445 2871


or drop into Pentland Community Centre

stating which workshops/events you wish to attend

And if you would like a FREE daily lunch box – please state any dietary requirements.

Download the infomation leaflet pentland_proof4

Recharge Event 29 September

Thanks for attending today and we have tried to highlight some of the current information and vacancies available below.

NHS Filing Clerk Edinburgh

NHS Care Assistants -experience not essential

Christmas Jobs at Royal Mail

Job Centre – here’s vacancies within a 15mile radius from Tranent

S1 Jobs – Retail Sales vacancy

Gumtree – Modern Apprenticeship Legal Administration

Edinburgh – Primary School Learning Assistant

Some video links that can help you find your way around websites

This video will show you how to register with Careers Scotland and allow you access to their products.

How to use Careers Scotland to construct your CV

Locating vacancies on the Job Centre website

Using Planit for careers information

Local Colleges

Jewel and Esk





S6 NBHS 10 Sept 2009

Good morning!

We are going here first – and while you are listening I want you to think about the careers advice you would give.

Thanks for attending these sessions and I hope you enjoy the activities and more importantly pick up on some of the skills you are going to need to secure a place at college or in employment.

We are going to start with a CV – but in different way, you need to be able to write and talk about yourself so download the following 3 documents onto your server files – better still create a careers folder on your server.




After this we are going to look at some mock interviews I recorded at another school and discuss these and this week/next week and armed with our new found confidence we are going to make a video of you (and me!) being interviewed.  These are skills you will use throughout your life so make the most of these sessions.

Other sites we may visit

CV Builder

Job Centre Plus

Careers Scotland

A bit of rest pacman 5mins only!

Want to brush up on your telephone skills?  A range of messages that you can build a talk around. CB    file-1 file-2 file-3 file-4 file-5 File-6 why not work in pairs and see who handles the pressure the best?

Here’s the mock interview with a big thank you to Helen for volunteering!

Careers information and advice