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  1. Hello Mick – I’ve a question about my son’s choice of Highers (he’s in RHS S3). He has decided he wants to do engineering but, as he didn’t choose Physics for Standard Grade, has been advised to do Physics Int2 in S5 with 4 Highers, then Physics Higher in S6. This means he’ll only be sitting 4 Highers at the end of S5 and I’m concerned that this might affect university entrance. Any advice/comments?

    I posted this in FE section which was probably the wrong place so have copied it to here.
    Many thanks

  2. It would depend on the degree course he was considering. For example, at Edinburgh the Engineering course entry requirements are SQA Highers: BBBB (or more if two sittings). To include Maths plus one of Physics (preferably) or Engineering or Technological Studies.
    If he is taking Tech Studies then he meets the entry requirements. If you intend to offer the subjects over two sittings then contact the admissions tutor and discuss the the requirements directly with the department.
    Other degree courses in different areas of Engineering have an entry requirement of 4 Highers – no subjects specified.
    I would be happy to talk this through with your son at school. If you want to look at degree courses across the UK the is the best place to start.

  3. I thought I would try and develop the question by suggesting the following points:
    You will find some Engineering careers information here

    It may be useful for your son to complete Pathfinder a careers interest guide that is available on the school server under applications. This will generate career ideas that we can discuss in more depth.

    The Careers Library at Ross HS has information in the Blue Section R (Engineering) and this includes a book callled Q and A Career Guides Engineering. This can be borrowed, is quick and easy to read and even addresses such issues as could I become famous!

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  5. Good Evening!!!
    Good Evening to you – now that you can blog feel free to post a question/comment!

  6. Hi Mick,
    Enjoying the careers talk tonight. Thanks for all the other sites to access.

  7. Chloe would like to know if she can primary school teach and teach dance. Is there a course that takes in both?
    Apologies for the delay in replying.
    I have listed degree course, some of which offer dance here and suggest that if you want to discuss this further then email me.

  8. Hi.My son is in s1 and going in circles already!Choices will be interesting.
    Parents can be a positive influence on career choice for young people and the more you know about what they are thinking of doing in the future the better! This allows you to access carers information and related activities and then help them choose and support them through the process.
    The Careers Scotland site has activities to help with this.

  9. what subjects do you need for art and design
    In Scotland, usually higher English and Art/Craft and Design ucas for more information.
    Try out this site for information on art and related careers.

  10. What are the main subjects i need to do well in to be an acountant
    the link to the careers information is here
    Degree course requiements differ but usually require 3 or 4 Highers, English and Maths at SG and some courses will require one or both of these at higher.
    Check out for degree courses.

  11. Hi Mick

    thought I would bring retained firefighting to the attention of your readers. I currently work at North Berwick High School but a couple of years ago I applied to join as a retained firefighter at our local station. After interviews and intensive training I was delighted to join our local crew. I’ve now been a retained firefighter for about 18 months and love every minute of it. Every call out brings a new challenge from assisting in major incidents in Edinburgh to rescuing pigeons stuck in trees (yes really). I am learning new skills and challenging myself all the time. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, at 5′2” I’m not as strong as the guys but I am more ‘compact’ than them. We all work as a very effective team. Although I personally won’t move onto full time firefighting I know a lot of the crew have and been very successful with their careers.

    This may interest some of your readers and indeed their parents as it may well be a career that hadn’t been considered in the past

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