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This site is our first attempt to see how social software might improve the careers service.

Because it’s new, there’s no way to know how best to do it. That’s why we’d really appreciate your feedback, so we can learn as we go.

Why not try this poll? And if you’ve time, why not leave a comment with your ideas for improvement? Thanks!


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5 thoughts on “Rate this site!”

  1. I’m really impressed with this site and hopefully schools and students will start to make good use of it in the coming session.

  2. There is a lot of good information on the site, only suggestion would be to get some nice pretty pics!

  3. Hi Mick

    Really impressed with your site- thinking of directing all my school pupils your way then they don’t need me anymore!

    This blog will take all the praise it can get, so thanks!
    It also loves suggestions, amendments, new ideas etc so feel free to come back with any.

  4. how do I get to Jewel and Ester by bus from Edinburgh?
    College site is down – will get this to you asap.

    College site will direct you here to plan your journey.

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