Wild About Scotland

Yesterday we had Wild About Scotland in with us. We really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot about the Wild Animals of Scotland and how animals become endangered across the world. They brought some really cool artifacts in with them that we got to hold!

“I thought the workshops were really fun because I got to learn about animals. I love learning about animals” – Charlie H, P5B

“I enjoyed what animals in Scotland went extinct, like the Lynx, Brown Bear and a Wolf” – Logan, P5B

“I really enjoyed finding out about new animals, I really liked how we got to touch different artifacts like a snake skin, a squirrel hide, beaver hide and a fox skin!” – Eilidh P5B

Have a look at some of the pictures we took to show our learning…




Non-uniform Day – Friday 9th February

We’ve planned a non-uniform day for all our pupils on Friday 9th February 2018. This doesn’t involve anything fancy nor does it involve a theme; the children are simply allowed to wear what they’d like to school (except football colours, please).

All we’d ask is that everyone could pay a £1 for the privilege. The money raised will go towards significantly reducing the cost of Christmas 2018 – we are starting early so we can reach our target.

Thanks for your support with this,

Mrs Mercer and The Fundraising Team

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