Successful P7 Bookfair

P7 D pupils organised a book fair for the school recently.  The children had to apply for the jobs they thought they would be good at.  

Chloe was general manager and said, ” This was very enjoyable but a real challenge at times.  It was hard keeping track of evrything and everyone.”

Casey who was process orderer said,  “I really enjoyed it.  I had to keep track of all the orders that were placed. It was really hard to hear the nursery children, they were so small and quiet.”

Craig was responsible for finance and selling.  “It was really difficult at times, ” he said,  ” customers would crowd round instead of making a queue and they all wanted served at once.   I liked filling in my job application but I found writing my CV hard. 

Kyle said,  “I applied for a job as a runner because I like to be active and on my feet.  I had to collect the classes and bring them to the hall.  When I wasn’t doing that I learned how to fill in the order book.  I want an active job when I’m older.  My mum helped me with my job application because she used to do that in her job.”


They had to timetable viewing vists fot the 15 classes in the school as well as the 6 classes in the nursery.  These took place in the 1st week and in the second week the children bought their books.   The bookfair was a resounding success,  the childen enjoyed their visits and then bought books to the tune of £2500.    This, of course, means that the  school can now order books with the commission from these sales.   Mrs McKirdy, one of the P7 parents,  came in to help the children on a daily basis.  

 A big thank you to the P7D pupils,  Ms Drummond, Mrs borthwick and Mrs McKirdy for all their hard work.