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On the 11th November 2009, 20 children from primary 5 attended a basketball gala at Meadowmill Sports Centre.  They spent a fantastic morning competing against children from Longniddry Primary School and Prestonpans Primary School, and everyone who took part received a well earned certificate at the end.  Well done!

5 thoughts on “Basketball”

  1. oh basketball it sounds fun. Did anyone get the ball in the net because I would really like to find out.

  2. Did you get youre head in the game.You must have shot a goal i would really like to know if you did.

  3. Hi, I was a member of the basketball team and really enjoyed it.Our school came 2nd and we scored lots of baskets!

  4. hi,i wasen,t one of the players but emma maie told me all about it . well done p5 . our school is great so lets keep it up.

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