Water and Weather

P4M found out today that their new topic for this block is “Water and Weather” and what great start we’ve had with all of the snow!

We had a group and class thought shower and came up with lots of questions about our topic that we want to answer.  Here are just a few:

  • Scott wants to know, “Why do places like Alaska have snow every day?”
  • Helen asked, “How does water get to the clouds?”
  • “How do we get thunder and lightning?” asked Matthew.
  • “Why do the clouds have names?” questionned Rebecca
  • Sam wants to find out, “Why is the sky blue?”
  • Lucy has noticed that the sky is not always blue and wants to know, “Why does the sky sometimes change colour?”
  • Kiera wants to know, “How do you measure the weather?”

So keep visiting us on Edubuzz  to find out our answers and to see photos of us investigating the weather.

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