Water and Weather


In groups we began to plan our weather forecast that we will present to the class and video. Hopefully we will be able to get our forecasts on here to let you see, so keep watching.

We had to decide the season and month that our weather forecast will be for so that we can research the type of weather that we have then. 

We watched some weather forecasts so that we could see how a forecast should be presented and the type of words and phrases we will need to use.  We watched an old weather forecast from 1979 with Michael Fish, he had to move the weather symbols around by himself but the modern ones were changed by the presenter pushing a small button in their hand.

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“How do you measure the weather?”

This afternoon we looked at how we could measure the weather.  We used thermometers to check how hot the classroom was.  Our class was 78 degrees fahrenheit / 27 degrees centigrade, the hall was 64 degrees fahrenheit / 19 degrees centigrade.  Some people put the thermometers in different places like under the arms and on the radiator, it was much hotter there than in the class.


 An anemometer is used to measure the strength of the wind using the Beaufort Scale.  We have a copy of the scale and will be able to tell if the wind outside is a breeze, a gale or a hurricane.


We will make rain guages and put them outside to measure the rain that falls in Cockenzie and put it on a weather chart we have made.


We investigated using a wind vane and had to use  a compass to find north first and then stand with the weather vane facing north.  When the wind hits the wind vane the way the arrow points will tell us where the wind is coming from.


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  1. Kiare and Adam are having a good time. I wish i was doing that. To the rest of the class good times.

  2. We are getting so excited about doing our weather forecast….go for it Mr Forsyth, Miss Cremers and Miss Christie!!!!!

  3. yes the hall was really 64 digress we went out ,look at all the other stuff we did for water and weather .

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