P1M’s Water Topic

P1M went outside today to learn more about water.

We looked at a puddle in the grass. The grass was all soggy because the rain had fallen on the grass and made the soil wet.

 [rockyou 156443487]


Then we went to the Quiet Garden and found bulbs growing under a tree. Bulbs need water to grow.

[rockyou 156443377]


We know that plants need water to grow because when we grew cress, the seeds without water did not grow.

[rockyou 156443414]


We looked at the roots of some grass. A plant takes water in from the soil through it’s roots and the water travels through the rest of the plant.

[rockyou 156443515]


We found a twig that had fallen from a tree. When we looked inside it was dry. The twig had no roots so there was no water inside.

[rockyou 156443463]


Then we went to the Outdoor Classroom and found a pond. We know that some animals live in a pond and tried to think of as many as we could……frogs, ducks, fish, snails.

[rockyou 156443343]


The tap at the sink reminded us that  water is taken by pipes from a reservoir to homes and schools, so that we can turn on a tap to get water.

[rockyou 156443309]


We found a water butt too and we worked out how water falls from the clouds onto the roof, then the pipes take the water to a big barrel where it is collected so that it can be used to water plants. It’s very important not to waste water and we are going to think about this more next week.

[rockyou 156443207]


We had lots of fun this afternoon and our photographs will help us remember what we have learned.

4 thoughts on “P1M’s Water Topic”

  1. You learned a lot from going outdoors, P1!
    I love how your photos show what you were learning.

  2. To P1M, I really liked the puddle I saw in the grass and it was a big puddle. We had lots of fun. A stone was inside the puddle. It was a big stone and lots of mini beasties were under the stone.

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