Liquid, Solid or Gas?

P4M ended their weather topic with a fun Thursday afternoon.
We made a tornado in a jar.  

[rockyou 156601760]

We wrote fantastic weather raps, here are some of them:               

[rockyou 156601827]

The sun is fun so I took my son,
Who weighs a ton for a run,
With his toy gun and after that he got a hot cross bun!
Say what? Say what? Say….have fun in the sun.

The Rainy Trip to Spain
I went on plane with a candy cane during the rain and it was such a pain!
My friend called Wayne said, “it’s such as shame cos when he goes to Spain it’s always in the rain.”

[rockyou 156601911]

Go Snow!
Go snow, Go snow oh oh
We’ll watch you go oh oh                                             
Why don’t you flow?
Wear your heart and scarf!
Go out on your sledge
Slip and slide oh oh
We’ve almost done so….
Fricky Fricky Fresh…..snow!

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We changed solids into liquids and then back to solids again!

[rockyou 156601951]

We saw how water rises as a gas from the kettle and collects in small drops, condensation.  Then we watched the small drops of condensation group back together into a liquid, water, and drip back onto the desk.  This is what happens in the water cycle!

We also played with “gloop”!  When we put toy dinosaurs on top of the gloop they did not sink and when we picked it up it ran through our fingers…we couldn’t decide whether it was a liquid or a solid but enjoyed playing with it and making lots of mess.

[rockyou 156602161]

6 thoughts on “Liquid, Solid or Gas?”

  1. What a wonderful afternoon we all had.
    It is true learning can be lots of fun.
    Well done P4M and Ms Manson.
    I look forward to our next topic.
    Mrs Currie.

  2. i didnt get any jelly this is what i now look like because you got jelly i look like this 🙁

  3. why did you all make my table sososososososososo messy!! as you can see from the photo i took. I couldnt even sit down but it was worthit but it was one of the best things we’v done.

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