Home is where…

Primary 3M have been writing some poems.  We used the title “Home is where…” to  share what ‘home’ means to us.

Here are a few of our ideas.

Home is where…

  • I feel alive,
  • I have my family,
  • my cuddly toy is,
  • I get my yummy, scrummy pizza,
  • my sister is,
  • I have my cute, little, furry friend called Murphy,
  • Santa creeps down the stairs,
  • I always get the biggest piece of my birthday cake,
  • I can play on my pink and sparkly bike,
  • I have me wii all to myself,
  • I love my Dad and Mum,
  • I jump on my bed,
  • I play my PS3,
  • I am very happy,
  • my family loves me,
  • I play my X-Box,
  • I get chocolate cake,
  • my guinea pig Fudge likes to run around,
  • I dream all night,
  • my jumpy bed is,
  • I feel happy and normal,
  • I play with my cat TC and my fish Hannah,
  • my Mum and Dad are
  • I hug my Mum and Dad,
  • I have hot coco,
  • I am warm.

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What does ‘home’ mean to you?

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