P6/7 Fair Trade Afternoon Tea

P6/7’s Fair Trade afternoon tea was a great success. Over fifty guests enjoyed our homebaking, made with Fair Trade products wherever possible, washed down with Fair Trade tea and coffee. The aim of our tea was to raise awareness of Fair Trade products and to encourage people to buy Fair Trade. Many of our guests successfully completed a Fair Trade quiz to show what they had learned from our information displays and slideshow, and have promised to switch one item to a Fair Trade brand next time they shop. As we are working towards achieving the Fair Trade Schools Award we will be continuing to hold Fair Trade events throughout the year.

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2 thoughts on “P6/7 Fair Trade Afternoon Tea”

  1. Well done P6/7 and Miss Kelly. You all really worked hard to make the coffee afternoon such a success. I enjoyed myself very much. It was so nice to be able to sit down and have a chat with Mrs Brown, Mrs Leach and Mrs McAulay. I think Miss Kelly you will have to do more baking with your class, they made such nice sponge cakes. This was real enterprising learning taking place.

  2. The scones and cakes were excellent, Well done!! Although I heard the 2 tea boys also did an outstanding job!

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