A message from the school meals service

Dear Parent or Guardian,

You can view this leaflet that provides you with information about the schools meals service available in East Lothian Council primary schools. Choosing the school meal option for your child ensures that he or she gets a healthy meal that will keep them going throughout the afternoon. Our menus are nutritionally balanced and meet the Scottish Government’s legislation for nutritional standards for primary school meals. This leaflet contains a copy of our new 2-week cycle menu available in primary schools and a programme of dates so that you can see what is on the menu on any given day of the cycle. We hope that you find this information useful and we look forward to serving tasty and nutritious school meals to your child whilst at primary school.

Joyce Marlow
Catering Manager, East Lothian Council

This leaflet includes:

• Detailed information about primary school meals
• A copy of our new 2-week cycle menu 2010/2011
• A list of school session dates for 2009/2010
• Information about free fruit in schools and special theme days
• Advice on dental health, physical exercise and tips on a healthy lifestyle
• A list of useful websites providing more information on healthy living
• Our contact details.

You can also help us to continually improve your school meals service by giving us your comments, ideas and suggestions. For example, you could tell us what you think of this leaflet.