School Camp

Mr Black and Mrs Chalmers came back from school camp last night.  They were replaced by Mrs Gordon and Miss Duffy.   They had a great time  with the children.  Yesterday Mrs Chalmers group did  fencing first thing in the morning .  They  were so good!!  Then they went swimming  and had a little free time before having lunch and going on the Gorge walk.

They were fantastic,  it helped that the sun had come out and warmed up the air.  They were very wet, muddy, cold and happy at the end of it.  Their activities ended with Trading Trainers,  a fair trade game where they learned about  the realities of having to make something to sell to make enough money to live on , pay the bills and buy the  materials  to make more things.


Mrs Chalmers had Sam S, Aaron, Sam P, Kevin, Bradley, Katie, Melody, Ailie, Sarah, James G  and Georgio in her group.

Tuesday was  a  very busy day  starting with  abseiling, then swimming, after that zip wire, then kayaking and  finally night line.