P7 French trip

Today we were in Rouen and had a lovely time despite the heavy showers.  The children have been stars and have thoroughly enjoyed finding about the architecture of  Notre Dame Cathedral and the church of Jeanne D’ Arc ,  two very constrasting styles, one very old and the other built in the seventies but both equally beautiful.  On the way back we  went to Auchan  in Dieppe, a huge supermarket,  and spent some of our pocket money.   The day ended with a go on the climbing wall.   Everyone is now tucked up in bed and looking forward to tomorrow’s activities.

6 thoughts on “P7 French trip”

  1. Hello everyone. I’m glad trip is going well and that you are enjoying yourselves. I hope you have had a look at the blog to see the chickens! 3 hatched so far , so it’s very exciting. Hope tomorrow goes well and that the weather settles for you.

  2. 7 Bonjour primaries!!

    L’espoir vous tous avez un temps grand en France

    Vour- vous tout le vendredi et nous esperons qu Murray Baillie le fait en arriere a temps pour son anniversaire su le 19eme!! Ha ha

    La Famile Baillie et Paddy xx

  3. Bonjour!
    Glad you’re all having a great time. Looking forward to seeing some photos 🙂

  4. hi mrs Chalmers thanks for the updates please tell katie i have sent her a email

  5. Isn’t technology wonderful. It’s great to be able to access up to the minute news on all the [printable] goings on of a school trip. It’s good to know everyone’s having a fantastic time. The feedback I’m getting is ~ “Kids, your parents really DO miss you when you’re not around” 🙂 . See you all soon x

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