P1 (August 2018) – Enrolment

After the holidays you will receive your P1 Enrolment Form. In order to enrol your child we are required to verify the following documents. Could you please ensure you have all the documentation required before the enrolment dates shown below.

Yellow Enrolment Form – to follow

Birth Certificate – original

Utility Bill – You may have to download a copy of your on line bill. This must contain your address and dated within 6 months of the day of registration.

Council Tax – Copies can be obtained from:

Council Tax
East Lothian Council
POBox 13251
EH41 3HA  (or call 01875 824314)

You will be able to register your child on:

  • Monday 30 October 2017 (between 0730 – 0930hrs)
  • Tuesday 31 October 2017 (between 1000 – 1200hrs)
  • Wednesday 1 November 2017 (between 1800 – 1900hrs)

Outwith these times can be arranged by appointment only.

CLICK HERE for further information