School Calendar 2020

Just a reminder that Primary 7 are once again organising and selling a whole school calendar (Nursery to P7) in order to raise funds for the P7 end of year celebration.

Photo Shoot – Friday 25th October
Group photos will take place this Friday 25th October.

We would like each pupil to come dressed according to their year group’s theme (see table below).  Please do not spend any money on your outfit as we have specifically chosen months to match events that each year group leads throughout the year, and therefore should be resources within the school should you need anything.

Month Year Group Theme
January P6 Burns Supper
February Nursery (Anti pre-school) Nursery Jumper
March Nursery (Pre-school) Nursery Jumper
April P2 Spring theme (Spring show)
May Teams In Costume
June P7 Last day of school – Party theme
July Competition Winners Family homework
August P1 First day of school
September P7 Camp – Outdoor theme
October P4 Harvest Festival
November P3 St Andrew’s Day
December P5 Christmas

Calendars will cost £5
A copy of the order form, along with a copy of the letter, can be viewed by clicking here.

Please note that we will not be able to accept any pre-orders after Friday 25th October.

Calendars will be delivered as soon as they are available and will also be on sale at school events in the run up to Christmas.  However, if you want to guarantee that you receive one, we recommend that you pre-order, as we base our initial purchase of calendars on the orders we have received.

Calendar Sponsorship
If you would like to sponsor our Calendar, please click here for further details.