Anti-Bullying Week, Odd Sock Day and Children In Need 2021

Next week, 15th – 19th November, our school is taking part in Anti-Bullying Week 2021. To kick our week off, we are participating in ODD SOCKS DAY! WHAT IS ODD SOCKS DAY?

Odd Sock Day is part of Anti-Bullying Week! To celebrate that we are all unique, we ask that children wear odd socks to school on Monday 15th November. Last year over 13,000 schools took part in Odd Socks Day. 

We look forward to seeing all the odd socks in school on Monday and working with our pupils through lessons and assemblies to recognise Anti-Bullying Week 2021. 

At the end of Anti-Bullying Week we will be participating in Children In Need on Friday 19th November. All pupils are welcome to wear yellow, spots, or dress down to mark the occasion. Donations are welcome and will be collected in school.