Wider Achievements

It is important to recognise, support and celebrate your child’s achievements. It can help to develop their confidence and motivation for learning new skills.

It is important to acknowledge that learning takes place outside the classroom, at home and in the wider community and

Achievement covers learning in other areas of the life of the school, and in the variety of activities children involved in, for example:

  • hobbies and interests, such as participating in a sport, participation in a hobby
  • helping in the home and in the community
  • learning a new skill, e.g. riding a bike, tying shoe laces, baking, doing something for the first time ever 🙂

Please use the form below to record details of your child’s achievement. If you would like to email in a photograph related to the achievement, please send to admin@cockenzie.elcschool.org.uk and include your child’s name and class.

We collate all the details and are able to know your child better.


Thank you

Lynda Banks
Head Teacher