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P6 Big Drum Adventure

For the past 3 weeks P6 have been taking part in drumming workshops with Mat the Hat. If you want to know about Mat, click the ‘big drum adventure’ picture. Mat also brought special visitors to watch us play drums. They are students from Cologne in Germany.

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Primary 6 BIG DRUM ADVENTURE on PhotoPeach

Digital Ninja Conference

Some P6 and P2 pupils went to Ormiston Primary School to explore technology. We had a great visit and really enjoyed the Digital Ninjas Conference. We explored lots of different activities and had a great day.


P6B & P6C made Scotch Broth

Making Scotch Broth on PhotoPeach

We have been learning how to safely hold a knife when cutting vegetables. We watched videos on a website named Food a fact of life to learn how to correctly hold vegetables whilst cutting them.

We also learned about the nutritional benefits of the different vegetables and the other ingredients in our soup.

Well done to all of the P6 pupils. You have successfully learned a very important life skill.


Book Fair – books on order

If your child is waiting on a book from the Book Fair, these have only just arrived in school with the Scholastic delivery driver who came to collect the cabinets.  Unfortunately this was just as the bell was ringing so we didn’t have time to get them out before the classes left.  All books will be given out first thing in the morning and a message sent via Dojo to confirm this.  Thanks for your patience.

Book Fair Team

Book Fair

The FINAL day for book fair orders is tomorrow, 29th March.  Orders cannot be accepted after this date as the book fair will be away.

There is  a limited amount of stationery left over.  We will sell this tomorrow at playtime in Miss O’Neill’s room.  Someone will escort the P1-3 pupils along if they wish to buy anything.  See earlier post for prices.

Thank You.

Book Fair Stationery Sale

There will be a one-off stationery sale at playtime on Wednesday.  Stalls will be set up near the Infant and Upper playgrounds.  Stationery CANNOT be re-ordered (when its gone, its gone!).

Prices are as follows:

  • plain pencils 40p
  • rubbers 50p
  • notepads 50p
  • rulers 50p
  • highlighters 75p
  • gel pens £1.00
  • pencils with a topper £1.00
  • bookmarks £1.00
  • key rings £1.00
  • book fair bags £1.00
  • sharpeners £1.50
  • colour changing pencils £1.50
  • stationery packs £2.00
  • novelty pens £2.00
  • pencil cases £3.00
  • bag chains £3.00

Thank you,

Book Fair Team.

Book Fair

All classes should have visited the book fair by Wednesday this week.  If your child has already placed an order, they should now have received this.

Book fair will be collected during the Easter holidays.  The FINAL day for all orders is Thursday 29th March.


If a book is out of stock this will be re-ordered and we will let you know via Dojo or Email.  We expect that the top up delivery will arrive with the driver who comes to collect the book fair cabinets.  Out of stock orders will be given out as soon as school re-opens.

If your child was absent on the day their class visited the fair, they will be given the chance to view on Tuesday / Wednesday afternoon this week.

Thank you for your continued support.

Book Fair Team