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P567 Carnival masks

Our Italian teacher Simonetta talked about carnivals and we made masks using card, glitter, straws and feathers. On the 9th of February were are having a carnival party with games, food and dancing. We are allowed to dress up if we want but we must wear our masks!!

KEEP WATCHING for photos from the event!

Nikola and Carmen (P5/6)

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P5/6 Burns Poetry

As a part of their topic, Scots who Shaped our History, the children in P5/6 worked in pairs to act out a piece of dialogue based on Rabbie Burns’ poem, My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose! They were really enthusiastic about getting into role, some even dressing up. The only problem they had was with the Scots dialect…..”but Miss Drummond, we get in trouble for speaking in slang at home….” I had to assure them that it was ok in this instance. Some excellent drama skills were practised during this lesson. Some budding thespians in the making!