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Handwashing in the Nursery

Today we had a visit from Diane Fyffe who showed us how easily germs can be spread and why it is so important to wash our hands. She used blue paint to show how quickly germs can spread after a sneeze. We learnt a clever trick that if you sing “Happy Birthday” while you wash your hands that is the perfect length of time to get your hands thoroughly clean.

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Nursery Room 2 – 20th November

In the past few weeks we have been very busy! Thank you to everyone who came in their PJs for Children in Need and donated a pound. Look at our photographs and see what fun we had experimenting with making different types of kites. We discovered that kites made with bags flew better than the kites we made with boxes. There has been clay in our room which we have enjoyed exploring and using to make models with. After our exciting visit from the fireman we have started thinking about other people who help us and lots of us have enjoyed dressing up as police officers.

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Nursery Room 2 – 06.11.13

Between Halloween and Fireworks night we have had a very busy couple of weeks in the nursery. We had a lovely windy week last week which let us get our kite out but this week it has started to turn frosty.

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Nursery Room 2 – Wednesday 23rd October

We are all really starting to feel the full effects of Autumn in the nursery with more days to wear our welly boots and go jumping in puddles and piles of leaves. In room 2 we have been caring fro animals in our vet surgery and looking after babies in our water tray. We enjoyed reading the book “What Pet to Get?” by Emma Dodd and discussing the pets we have at home.

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Nursery Room 2 – Thursday 26th September

We have had a busy couple of weeks in room 2. We have been grinding lots of corn and learning to bake loads of different things using flour…the pizza was a particular success! We have found some different mini beasts in the garden and have had a wild time exploring the huge blocks and the small lego. We have used the big blocks to build everything from a house to a rocket!

Thank you to everyone who has made their jigsaw pieces. Our giant jigsaw is looking brilliant!
Mrs O’Connor and Mrs Mells

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Nursery Room 2 – Week Beginning Monday 2nd September

This week in room 2 we continued to look at mini beasts but our interests have started to turn towards growing things and using things from our nursery garden in our baking. We baked bread, orange cake and scones, and made playdough. We even had a picnic outisde where we all ate cake. We enjoyed exploring the paint that we could feel with our hands and building up the habitat for our frogs in the water tray with stones and grass. You can imagine our delight when we discovered a toad living in the nursery garden!

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How much litter is there in the school grounds? P4/5

This afternoon we went hunting for litter and we found litter outside in the school grounds.  We are a little bit worried because we want the school grounds to be tidy and to help us to earn our green flag.

We made a tally sheet to gather information about the amount of litter there was in the big playground, the field, the infant playground and the front of the school.  We then came back in and designed posters to remind people not to drop litter.

Nursery Room 2

Phew, we are all exhausted after a very busy first full week in nursery. This week we have all been fascinated by mini beasts and have been out hunting in the garden for them! We had our first visit to music and PE which was brilliant fun. We even found time to bake bread, banana cake, we made rhubarb crumble using the rhubarb from our garden and even all made our own sandwiches.

We look forwad to seeing what next week holds!
Mrs O’Connor and Mrs Mells 🙂

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