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P6 and 7 interschool athletics at Meadowbank

Well done to all the children who took part in the East Lothian atheletics Competition which took place on the 29th May. Congratulations to the children who were placed in their event.
P6 boys long jump 4th equal Adam Leslie
P6 girls cricketball 4th Mairead Brown
P6 girls 80m 4th Nicole Campbell
P7 girls 80m 4th Niamh Ross
P7 boys 80m 1st Gregor Woods

Cockenzie House fun day 15th June

There will be fun day at Cockenzie house on Saturday the 15th June from 11.00am -5.00pm . Winners and prizes will be awarded at 3.00pm for the P6 story competition and poster competition. The cafe will be open and there will be a treasure hunt and games for children. Do pop along and support this local group.

Cockenzie prize winners 2011-1012

Cockenzie Prize Winners on PhotoPeachIn June 2012 4 pupils were awarded the end of term prize.   The awards were Hepburn Cup for sporting acievement to  Erin MacDonald,  Young Citizen of the Year  Shield  to Lucy Thomson and Jonh Bellany Art Prize, first prize  was awarded to Erin Ritchie  and second prize to Amy Anthoney.  Well done to all.

Arras and Vimy Ridge

Another fantastic day.  The chidlren have excelled themselves once again.  Lots of  great listening again.   We arrived  in Arras  and began our tour by looking at the architecture of the houses in the Grande Place,   they are Baroque , by the way.   Half way round we all decided we should stop in a cafe and order a drink,  some of us had  une tasse de chocolat ,   un coca, un sprite  and deux the.  Tom,  our animateur( Kingswood guide)had  un cafe.    We then had the remainder of our tour ,  you can still see  bullet holes in some of the buildings  from the second world war.  We then went  to see the trenches at Vimy Ridge,  where the Canadians took the ridge in 1917 from the Germans.  The monument to the fallen is very beautiful and the children were very respectful and interested.   We then drove past a British cemetary from the 1st world war and also a German cemtary.  We arrived back at the chateau late for dinner,  had five minutes to get ready for the disco and enjoyed dancing until 10.00pm.  All packed and in bed by 11.00pm.  I wonder how they will get up at 6.30am tomorrow morning?    We will have breakfast at  7.30pm and leave the chateau at 8.00am to go to the market at Eu where we are all looking forward to spending some more of our euros.  We will be on our way at 10.00am to get to Calais in time for our shuttle at 1.00pm.   We’ll keep you informed about our journey home once we get to Britiain.

Wednesday in France

Another great day ,  completely different from yesterday.  Today has been glorious, some of us are even wearing shorts.   This morning we went to the local cider maker to find out how cider is made, brandy from cider and cider vinegar.  Mrs Munro  we got you some cider .  Some of the children bought cider vinegar to bring home, it has so many uses  they will be able to tell you all about it.  We then walked up the road to the boulangerie where the children bought something to have with their lunch.  This ranged from chocolate eclairs, strawberry tarts,croissants to     pain au chocolat and someone even bought a baguette.  We had a picnic lunch in the grounds before walking down to the beach at Criel Plage to have a play..  The bus came and picked us up from there and then we went to find out how Neufchatel cheese is made.  Some of the children tasted it and then bought some to bring home.  Whilst writing this they are outside playing rounders for an hour before supper and then a session of archery before bed.   Tomorrow is another busy day with an early start,  breakfast at 7.30 am!!  Then  we are off to Arras and Vimy Ridge.The children have been great , really good listening  and very polite.  We are all having such a good time.  They are going to have lots to tell you when they get home.

P7 French trip

Today we were in Rouen and had a lovely time despite the heavy showers.  The children have been stars and have thoroughly enjoyed finding about the architecture of  Notre Dame Cathedral and the church of Jeanne D’ Arc ,  two very constrasting styles, one very old and the other built in the seventies but both equally beautiful.  On the way back we  went to Auchan  in Dieppe, a huge supermarket,  and spent some of our pocket money.   The day ended with a go on the climbing wall.   Everyone is now tucked up in bed and looking forward to tomorrow’s activities.

Trip to France

Sixteen P7  pupils   are going off to France on Sunday night  by bus and the Channel Tunnel.  They will be staying in the Chateau  de Chantereine  in Criel -sur-Mer.   Excitement is mounting as the weekend approaches, not only in the children but in the teachers accompanying them too.   Miss O’Neill, Mr Black and Mrs Chalmers are going with them.

News from camp.

Weather at camp yesterday was fantastic.  They all had a walk down to the village to spend their pocket money and when they came back they were having birthday cake to celebrate Kirsty’s birthday.  They were having mince and tatties for tea before getting ready for the disco.   All the groups would have had an activity earlier in the day, too.

The bus left  camp at 10.00am this morning so they should just be about at Jedburgh for a stop at this moment  in time.

School Camp

Mr Black and Mrs Chalmers came back from school camp last night.  They were replaced by Mrs Gordon and Miss Duffy.   They had a great time  with the children.  Yesterday Mrs Chalmers group did  fencing first thing in the morning .  They  were so good!!  Then they went swimming  and had a little free time before having lunch and going on the Gorge walk.

They were fantastic,  it helped that the sun had come out and warmed up the air.  They were very wet, muddy, cold and happy at the end of it.  Their activities ended with Trading Trainers,  a fair trade game where they learned about  the realities of having to make something to sell to make enough money to live on , pay the bills and buy the  materials  to make more things.


Mrs Chalmers had Sam S, Aaron, Sam P, Kevin, Bradley, Katie, Melody, Ailie, Sarah, James G  and Georgio in her group.

Tuesday was  a  very busy day  starting with  abseiling, then swimming, after that zip wire, then kayaking and  finally night line.