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Fiona O’Donnell visit

Fiona O’Donnell MP visited us before Christmas to talk about her job and the work she does at Parliament.  We asked her lots of informed questions about her role as an MP and we discussed democracy, human rights and the referendum on Scottish independence.  Here she is pictured with our P7 Class Reps for: Health, Eco, fairtrade, Pupil Council and Rights Respecting School.

 Pupil Reps with Fiona O'Donnell

Primary 7 Visit

Fiona O’Donnell MP came to visit Primary 7 today to conclude our Government topic.  She told us lots of information about her job and we discussed important issues in the community and what we could do about them.  Fiona was very impressed that we had done so much work about the Scottish independence debate and that we are very knowledgeable about devolved and reserved matters. 

We got the chance to ask lots of informed questions and then our pupil representatives had a photograph taken with her. 

Next week we are visiting the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood and hope to meet more MSPs.

Fiona congratulated us on all the Rights Respecting School work we have done.  Her job at Westminster involves looking at aid for developing countries and she is very keen to be involved with our RRSA work and has agreed to become an honorary member of our steering group.

Book Fair 2013 update

Today we have been working on the order forms but we ran out of certain books and stationery such as: finger pointers, 1D posters and popular books.

Sorry for the lack of blogging in the last week we were very busy with our competitions and that sort of things.

We are starting a competition tomorow where we hide famous book characters and whichever class finds them all wins £20 for books in their class.

We are aiming to sell 500 books this week – so far we have sold 75.

Listen to Book Fair FM Episode 1 Book Fair FM Podcast Episode 1




Healthy Breakfast Tasters

During the week beginning 4th February the P2s, 4s, and 6s will take part in our Healthy Breakfast tasters. Pupils from the health group helped to choose the breakfasts. We’ll be trying crunchy fruit layer, blueberry and banana smoothie, carrot and cranberry muffins and banana and honey breakfast loaf.

The P7K Fair Trade Coffee Afternoon- Preparation

This afternoon, P7K are hosting a Fair Trade Coffee Afternoon.
We’ve split into groups and we’ve been busy preparing. Everyone’s teamwork and effort will go towards a Fairtrade Coffee Afternoon for the parents of the pupils in the whole school. The purpose of this is to encourage everyone to buy at least one Fairtrade item for Christmas this year.
The Logistics have found display boards to display our work and have designed the table layout. The Caterers have found the food to order. The Display groups, who have been researching information about fairtrade food, toys, toiletries, gifts wine and overall What is Fairtrade, are working on displaying the information in posters and powerpoints. The Finance group have worked out ticket prices, given out invites and have made and given out tickets. The Journalists have been logging in everyone’s process so far and have created a report about the preparation of the coffee afternoon for the parents to read.
We’ve been busy and done lots so far, but there’s still lots to do to make sure our afternoon is a success! Keep your eyes on this blog because we will be posting more information soon!
Sobia, Sam, Ryan.M, Miss Kelly and P7K.

P2/3 boat

Ms McEwan’s class are busy painting the rowing boat planter in between showers. So far, they have cleaned the boat and done a base coat. This afternoon, they will transfer their designs on to the boat.  Watch its progress at the front of the school.



P2/3 Boat Hunt

Primary 2/3 have been hunting for a boat in order to make it in to a colourful planter to go near our main entrance and as you may have noticed one has appeared there!

So, we just wanted to thank Ian and Dean who kindly donated their old rowing boats to P2/3 (we didn’t expect to be so lucky and get our hands on two boats so watch this space for news of the second!). 

A big thank you also goes out to all our kind volunteers who offered to help move the boats to the school.  They were successfully moved at the weekend and are now waiting P2/3’s creative touch!