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P2T Problem solving

Miss Letchford is very proud of the boys and girls in Primary 2T, they are all working so hard on their problem solving skills.  To solve this weeks problem the boys and girls tried out lots of different strategies such as ‘draw a picture’ and ‘act out a situation’.  I wonder what tricky problem they will have next week!

P1M’s Assembly

Last Friday it was P1M’s turn for assembly. We are learning about water just now, so we explained to the other classes what we have been finding out.

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We used coloured water to make pictures in the ice. The ice was so cold that the coloured water froze.

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We wanted to find out why the gritter lorries put salt on the icy roads so we took some ice into the classroom to find out. We put salt on one bowl of ice but no salt on the other. The bowl with the salt melted quickly and this showed us that salt is spread on icy roads so that the ice will melt quickly.

We finished our Assembly with a poem about a snowman. 


 We hope you enjoyed reading about our assembly.

P2T Toys

Our Museum in Action
Our Museum in Action

Primary 2T created a museum and toy shop in their classroom. Parents were invited to visit and were given guided tours by the children. They then visited the museum shop and were able to buy toys that the children made themselves.

Talent show for Sick kids’ hospital

On Thursday afternoon there will be a talent show in aid of funds for the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh.  Auditions have been held and the finalists will perform to the whole school.  Children not taking part in the talent show will be able to ‘dress down’ in their pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers for a donation of at least 50p.  The whole event has been organised by P7 girls.