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P2 Microbiologists

This week Primary 2 have been finding out about germs and bacteria. We had some help from the University of Edinburgh to conduct some experiments about how many germs we have on our skin.

We were sent some plates covered in special jelly that helps the bacteria grow, and then we touched them with both dirty and clean hands. We also left one out in our class all day while we were busy learning.

On Thursday Dr Tsang brought our plates back. they had been growing in a special bug oven in his lab. He showed us just how many bugs we had grown. We were shocked to see how many there were just from breathing. We found out dirty hands had more bacteria than clean hands. He explained all the ways we can stop germs spreading. We also had a visit from Diane the nurse who showed us how to wash our hands properly.

We loved being proper scientists and doing a really interesting experiment.