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King Loth

[slideshow id=16]P5/6, P6M, P6/7 and P7 are busy rehearsing at the moment for a performance of King Loth.   The children  will perform the musical with the artists from Charades Theatre company on Wednesday 1st December at 2 pm.  They have loved learning the songs and action and are excited about taking part in the performance with James, Robin and Moira from charades doing the lead roles.

P7 are going to New Lanark

As part of their studies of the Victorian era P7K are going to New Lanark to find out even more.  New Lanark was built by a far-sighted Victorian a called Robert Owen.  Once again the children are having an opportunity to find out first hand about another period of time.   A big thank you to Historic Scotland who are subsidising the cost of the trip by paying for the bus.

Trip to France

22 Primary 7 pupils are going to Fance from the 10th May to the 14th May.  They will be accompanied by 3 teachers from school,  Mrs Chalmers, Miss O’Neill and Mrs Munro,  and Mr Kinross, a P7  parent.

P6M & P6/7 Visit to Power Station

On Wednesday 17th March P6M will visit Cockenzie Power Station as part of their topic of this block, Electricity.  In the afternoon P6/7 will go on the same trip.  The class have been busy building electrical circuits, both series and parallel, in which they have made bulbs light, buzzers sound and motors move.  They have also been working together in small groups to build a model and then wire it up to include an electric circuit.  Pictures of the finished product to follow……………………………………

P5 Hillwalking

 P5 are going hillwalking with Outdoor Education staff to the hills around the Hopes Reservoir.   The first group will go on the16th , the next group on the 17th and then on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of March.  A member of school staff will go with them too so we better get our boots cleaned and ready.

P1M visit


P1M is planning a trip to Edinburgh on Monday 22nd March.  They will visit the National Museum and the Art Gallery.  More information home soon.