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Red Nose Day – 19th March 2021

We have all had a challenging start to our year, but we can always rely on the power of laughter to bring us joy. That’s why on Friday the 19th of March we are joining in on Red Nose Day! As a means of celebrating Red Nose Day this year, your child is invited to come to school and nursery on the 19th of March wearing something red. They may also bring a small donation to support this important cause.

Children will also be given the opportunity to share a joke with their class in school, so please ensure your child comes prepared if they wish to share! Additionally, in class and nursery, children will be taking part in activities to celebrate this special day.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in something red however do not worry if your child would prefer to wear their uniform as usual

Building Resilience

At Cockenzie we are launching a special learning programme called Building Resilience.

We are all likely to experience ups and downs in life. However there are things that can help us to deal with challenges and setbacks, and even learn and grow as a result.  Resilience is a key factor in protecting and promoting good mental health. While we can’t always predict what life throws at us, the good news is there are a range of different skills, strategies and resources that can help us to cope.

In the first unit of Building Resilience, we will be learning that:

  • Everyone goes through ups and downs in their life
  • We can learn to be more resilient
  • Resilient people cope better with difficulties

We look forward to working together on this with everyone across the school community.

School Lunches – Winter Menu 2020

Please click on the link below to view the new school lunch menu for Term 2.  As you will see on the menu there is more variety in what is being offered, for example, baked potatoes, pizza and burgers.

If you want to order school lunches then please continue to do so on School Pay.

Also, please remember that if your child requires a school meal on a Friday then this must be ordered by 10am on the Wednesday before. Orders after this time will not be accepted onto the system.


Primary 1 Homework Video

You will now have all received a homework pack home.  Below is a link to a video showing you lots of ways to help your child with the sounds and some words we have been learning in class.  Please remember that the homework packs do not come back into school.  If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

Homework Video


Class Information and Termly Highlights

As you know, due to Scottish Government and East Lothian Council regulations and guidance we cannot have our usual evenings this term when parents/carers are invited in to their child’s class to find out more about the year ahead.

We have made Powerpoints for you with some information regarding each class, along with termly highlights which we hope you will find useful.

P1A Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P1B Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P2A Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P2B Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P3A Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P3B Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P4A Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P4B Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P4C Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P5A Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P5B Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P6A Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P6B Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P7A Class Information and Term 1 Highlights
P7B Class Information and Term 1 Highlights

This term we are very fortunate to be welcoming Martyn Pegg from Outdoor Learning to Cockenzie.  Martyn is an experienced teacher working with each class from P1 – P7, along with the class teachers to promote learning in the outdoors.  The outdoor environment has massive potential for creative and challenging learning experiences.  We are lucky to have excellent grounds in Cockenzie, and will be working alongside Martyn to provide meaningful, motivating and exciting lessons for the children.

Ms L Banks