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P2R are sense-itive and a bit smelly!

We were SO busy last week – we made some great team decisions to organise our class assembly on Friday. We decided to tell the other classes all about what we have been discovering in our Senses topic and also we learnt a new song – He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands – which we wanted to teach the other kids.  We told them all about the different things we explored to do with sound, sight, smell, touch and taste – including when Miss Reid made us taste onions (with blindfolds on – otherwise no way would she have got away with that!) and smell strawberries, our fantastic guide dog visit, a very interesting talk about how we hear where Ailsa was able to really help us understand about hearing.  We were experimenting with ice cubes – boy, were they chilly – but then like magic, and with a little help from our cosy hands, they disappeared. We are trying out a new website called Education City which we really love as we can have maths competitions against each other – pretty space age. Some of us were rather good at following instructions (yes, we know, amazing!)  and made a new batch of play dough for the class to use. And… breaking news for all our adults… we have decided to let you in on what we get up to when you leave us at the door of a morning, so if you keep an eye out – we’re going to keep you posted at one of our windows – we already have a mystery door, now you need to look out for our mystery window! We hope you enjoy finding out a bit more about all the hard work we are doing.

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Delicious breakfast treats

Today, P2T and P2R sampled some delicious morning treats as part of their “Farmhouse Breakfast” . We enjoyed toast with lime marmalade, porridge with honey, banana and yoghurt muesli, eggy muffins and a gorgeous fruit cocktail. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Mrs Corr and the happy eaters!
Mrs Corr and the happy eaters!



What a week P2R have had! Our topic is The Senses and our classroom was full of strange smells and noises. We have a feely box which we check every day to see if we can guess what’s in it just by using our sense of touch. The water in the water tray kept changing colour and getting glittery and the sand went all weird and gloopy – we could even make shapes with it. It started out smelling of apples but now it’s kind of stinky. We went a bit mad on Wednesday – we escaped through our magic door and ran around outside exploring what we could see then wrote poems entitled ‘I See’ using some great describing words. We were learning about time too and one member of class took over from Mrs Connarty and did a grand job! We loved the visit from Daisy the cow at assembly and next week we will be investigating our sense of taste so all that talk of healthy breakfasts has made us quite hungry for more!


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P2T meet Cedric

This is P2T’s new friend, Cedric!

He has been helping us with our listening skills.

He made us all laugh when he showed us some of the things people do when they’re not listening properly.

 He yawned, fidgeted and chewed his shoes!

We wonder what he will do next week…………

She’s A Write Star!

Show And Tell by the Star Of The Week
Show And Tell by the Star Of The Week

Our star of the week entertained us with stories of her travels to America in her ‘show and tell’. She wrote a special speech to read to us and we were very impressed. She told us how she had kicked the seat in front quite a lot on the flight over which we thought must have been pretty annoying for the person sitting there! In America she visited a sealife centre and that is where she got her very special pink dolphin. She also introduced us to her lovely bear. Well done to our star of the week – a spectacular presentation!

P2T New Baby arrival

P2T Would like to announce the arrival of their new class baby.

Baby Daniel arrived on the 19th of January weighing 520g.
Baby Daniel arrived on the 19th of January weighing 520g.

Primary 2T are studying babies as part of their RME programme.

The class had avote and chose the name Daniel Cockenzie,he is named after our school.
The class had a vote and chose the name Daniel Cockenzie. He is named after our school.

We are learning about how the arrival of a new baby is celebrated in different religions. Baby Daniel will be baptised at Chalmers Church soon.

P2T Problem solving

Miss Letchford is very proud of the boys and girls in Primary 2T, they are all working so hard on their problem solving skills.  To solve this weeks problem the boys and girls tried out lots of different strategies such as ‘draw a picture’ and ‘act out a situation’.  I wonder what tricky problem they will have next week!

P2T Toys

Our Museum in Action
Our Museum in Action

Primary 2T created a museum and toy shop in their classroom. Parents were invited to visit and were given guided tours by the children. They then visited the museum shop and were able to buy toys that the children made themselves.

P2T Sing About Their Senses

P2T have been busy learning about their senses and decided that they would like to make instruments, write a song, Podcast their performances and share them with you.

We worked hard to make our instruments by recycling junk that we had brought in from home. We then decorated them to make them look cool.

We had been writing poems and decided to use the skills that we had learned to write our senses songs. In small groups we worked together to choose a tune and write the words to our songs. We then practised as often as we could before podcasting our final efforts. Special thanks to Liam, Kyle, Danielle and Caroline from P7V who helped us with our podcasting.