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Haggis, neeps and tatties

Today the boys and girls made Haggis, neeps and tatties. Miss Letchford was very impressed with their safety whilst chopping and their confidence to try something new! We also listened to Rabbie Burns ‘address to a haggis’ poem and the children laughed at the Scots dialect. More Scots cooking to follow…

P3L Scotland

The boys and girls are beginning to learn about Scotland. We have planned our learning for the next 4 weeks and are very excited about what lies ahead! This week we made 3D maps of Scotland using the atlas. We crunched up newspaper and stuck it down to make the scottish landscape. When they were dry we painted the land and sea. Next week we will be adding cities to our maps. Photos to follow!

The budding authors of Primary 3M

3M have been writing fantastic imaginative stories over the past few weeks so I challenged them to take their imaginations and working as a team write and publish their very own book!

3M were fantastic and rose to the challenge by exploring the infant library to find books that had lots of stories in them.  They discovered these were known as a collection of stories so set about making their own collection.  3M also discovered that each collection had a theme so some groups decided on using the setting as a theme to their story, others used a character.

Once each author wrote their own story they then came together as a team to publish their book.  After designing an  exciting front cover and a contents page 3M have proudly put their collections on display in the corridor.  So if you are passing our way why not stop and pick up one of our fantastic books.

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P3M – Letters to Miss Ross

 Miss Ross is a friendly teacher who visited us for a few weeks last term.  We wrote letters to her to let her know all the fun things we have done since she left us. 

We have taken a few paragraphs from our letters to share with you all the things we have done in school last term.

On the last Monday of term we went to Preston Pans Infant School to sing songs about The Twits by Roald Dahl. A lady called Louise came and taught us a song she wrote all about The Twits.  Louise also recorded us playing different musical instruments as we sang along to the song we made up.  We chose to do our song on The Big hooray.  It was really exciting because we got to meet other Primary 3s from different schools.

Primary 3T came to our class to listen to Mr McEwan’s talk. He is Miss McEwans Dad. Mr McEwan came to visit us to tell us about houses and homes.  Mr McEwan brought in an Aero bar to show us the bubbles in the big bricks.  The bubbles make it lighter.  Mr McEwan came to show us about lots of materials.

Last term Miss McEwan put us in groups and gave us the same amount of bricks.  She then challenged us to make the tallest tower.  We got lego bricks and we made a tower.  Then we got other lego bricks and we tried to knock it down but it was too strong.  The soft bricks were easy to knock down.  We wanted to find out what was better.  It was better with the lego bricks because the could clip together, just like cement.

Last term we where writing imaginative stories about different places around the world and places from the past.  We looked at Skara-Brae, floating houses in Vietnam, The Royal Mile in Edinburgh and London during WWII.  Vietnam is next to China.  Skara-Brae is in the Orkney Islands.  We learnt about them to learn about houses and homes.

A few day’s ago we went to visit the quiet garden and we saw what had changed over the holidays.  There was daffodils and the bottle house has moved.  We couldn’t get beside the green blossom trees because of the daffodils, they were in the way.  The quiet garden now looks a lot prettier than before the holidays.

On Tuesday 30th of March it was our Spring Concert and we sang lots of Scottish songs.  Lots of people were dancing and playing to a song called The Welly Boot Song.  Lots of parents came to watch us do the show.  We did the Spring Concert because it was Spring.  We practiced until it was the real show.  If your parents were there you could go home early.  Our favourite part was when we were splashing about because it gave us exercise and it was fun.  Doing the concert shows that you are very confident.

Miss McEwan told us that we would be going on a walk around Cockenzie to find lots of different houses because our topic was houses and homes.  Some parents came in and took some groups.  First Miss McEwan gave us a sheet of paper with things we needed to take pictures off. We had to look for different kinds of houses.  We took pictures of a semi-detached house, a terraced house and a detached house.  We saw a lot more different houses.   At the end we all went back to school for lunch.  It started to rain that is why we went back.

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Tree Planting

The children of Cockenzie nursery and primary helped the community council plant trees in the school grounds. They watched as the digger dug the large holes and the community council lifted the trees into them. The children then helped put the soil back into the ground.


Home is where…

Primary 3M have been writing some poems.  We used the title “Home is where…” to  share what ‘home’ means to us.

Here are a few of our ideas.

Home is where…

  • I feel alive,
  • I have my family,
  • my cuddly toy is,
  • I get my yummy, scrummy pizza,
  • my sister is,
  • I have my cute, little, furry friend called Murphy,
  • Santa creeps down the stairs,
  • I always get the biggest piece of my birthday cake,
  • I can play on my pink and sparkly bike,
  • I have me wii all to myself,
  • I love my Dad and Mum,
  • I jump on my bed,
  • I play my PS3,
  • I am very happy,
  • my family loves me,
  • I play my X-Box,
  • I get chocolate cake,
  • my guinea pig Fudge likes to run around,
  • I dream all night,
  • my jumpy bed is,
  • I feel happy and normal,
  • I play with my cat TC and my fish Hannah,
  • my Mum and Dad are
  • I hug my Mum and Dad,
  • I have hot coco,
  • I am warm.

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What does ‘home’ mean to you?

Our Trip to Edinburgh

On Tuesday Primary 3T and 3M battled the weather and visited the capital city to bring their topic to life.

They had a very busy day visiting parts of the castle, taking a walk down the Royal Mile whilst playing I Spy.  P3T then visited Chambers Street Museum and spotted an example of a croft and Scottish life. They also looked at the gold necklaces found in Stirling dating back to the Bronze Age.  Meanwhile, P3M visited Greyfriars Cemetry and discovered the head stones of ‘Old Jock’ and the Scottish legend himself Greyfriars Bobby.   After a quick lunch at the museum everyone made a quick dash down to The Waverly Bridge to catch an open topped tour bus.  This was enjoyed by all despite some children believing we were in the Arctic!

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