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Anti-bullying Assembly – Primary 2/3

Primary 2/3 led an anti-bullying assembly on Friday.  They showed lots of things they had done during the week and tried to teach the children about all the things they had learnt.

Primary 2/3 were on the hunt for a bully!!!! 

They drew pictures of what a bully looked like – we knew that a bully could look like any of us – so now they needed to find out what a bully did.  They made a chain from all the sentences they had written that explained what a bully was.  Some of the things we thought a bully could do were…

–          Hurt your feelings            -Kick you              – Call you names

So now they knew what a bully looked like and what a bully did the boys and girls started to hunt down the bullies!  They started to ask people if they had ever kicked someone, or hurt their feelings etc and if they answered yes a big bully sticker got stuck on them so we could know who these people were.   But the boys and girls started to run out of stickers and realised something was wrong!

Primary 2/3 had discovered that if we were all honest with ourselves we have all at some point made the wrong choice and maybe called someone a name or kicked and punched someone.  This doesn’t make us a bully.  They learnt that if we continued to make the wrong choices and continued to hurt people, we are showing bullying behaviour.

Primary 2/3 did a fantastic job at sharing all their hard work and also invited the other classes to share a little of what they had done too.

Well done 2/3 for reminding us all it is our responsibility to make the right choices when it comes to our behaviour.

P2/3’s Trip to Vogrie

We went to Vogrie because our topic is minibeasts.  It is very muddy.  We went a walk to collect sticks to make a picture.     (Lillia and Megan)

When we arrived at school we were excited that we were going on a trip.     (Kieran and Millie)

After our lunch at Vogrie we went to the park.  We got sticks to make a frame.  We went to Vogrie because our topic is minibeasts.  We love Vogrie.     (Niamh and Rachel)

I went to Vogrie it was fun.     (Fizah)

We arrived at Vogrie and we went on a minibeasts hunt.     (Josh and Zack)

In the morning we all came in the classroom.  Then Miss McEwan gave us some maps.  Then we went to the toilet.  We went on the bus after we went to the toilets.  On the bus it was really noisy because some people were singing.  We love Vogrie.     (Annaliese and Emily)

At Vogrie we did a minibeast hunt and we both caught a minibeast.     (Adam and Erin)

We went toVogrieParkon Monday.  We went on a bus.    (Nicholas and Ross)

We went to Vogrie and made pictures.  My Mum needed to pick up a snail.     (Ben T and Chloe)

We went on a trip to Vogrie on a bus.     (Jack and Jason)

We went to Vogrie and we had a great time.    (Lindsay and Nora)

At Vogrie we went to the park and there was a massive slide.     (Ben Y)

We had a fantastic trip to Vogrie this week and couldn’t have done it without the parent helpers.  So a big thanks goes out to them.     (Miss McEwan)

Trip to Vogrie on PhotoPeach

I Spy Minibeasts!

Primary 2/3 have been busy detectives, hunting out minibeasts in the quiet garden.  We found woodlice (but some of us call them slaters), a centipede, ladybirds and lots of slugs as well as lots more!

Today we tried to catch some minibeasts in a Pitfall Trap.  We had to dig a hole for a cup and to keep our minibeasts safe we put cardboard over the top to protect them from any rain.  After only a few hours we checked on our traps and we already found a slater.  We had a look at this more closely with our microscopes.

Minibeasts on PhotoPeach

Primary 2/3’s Creature Class

Primary 2/3s classroom is full of wonderful creatures that help them to be a confident and successful member of the class and they wanted you to meet them… 

Bertie Bear

Bertie Bear is our class mascot.  He is a fluffy bear who lives in our story corner.  We take Bertie home every Friday to look after him.  Bertie brings a diary with him and we write in his diary.  We discovered his favourite book is a book called Gruff the Grump.


I don’t know if you will believe it but Primary 2/3 have discovered that they ALL have a dragon!  Miss McEwan read a book to us called ‘You’ve got Dragons’ and we have been drawing our own dragons.  Our dragons turn up when we are worried or nervous.  We have got hundreds of dragons in Primary 2/3.  We have maths dragons, numbers dragons, spelling dragons, show and tell dragons, speaking out loud dragons, working in a team dragons and lots more!

But luckily we can get them away by not ignoring them.


 Gerald is our Giraffe.  Gerald lives in our class and Gerald CAN dance.  We read a story called ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’.  Gerald reminds us about the Golden Rules and that we CAN do things.  We are not allowed to say ‘I CAN’T’ in our class because telling people they can’t makes them sad and if we think WE CAN we will try to do it.


We have also made two sides to our classroom to remind us of the Golden Rules.

Sunny Side

This is the side we all want to be on as it is the nicest and brightest and it means we are all following the Golden Rules.  We have a rainbow on our wall that reminds us of how to have a happy classroom.

Spiky Side

We made Spiky, our classroom hedgehog.  He lives on the Spiky Side of our classroom.  He isn’t very happy because it’s raining and he has lots of spiky grass around him.  We have written lots of words on the grass to remind us of the things that make our classroom sad.  He reminds us not to be on the Spiky Side.

Visit to Cockenzie House

Yesterday, P3L had an interesting visit to Cockenzie House.  As well as looking around the grounds at the Grotto and the pond, doing drawings in the grounds and playing Victorian games,  they had a short tour of the house. 

dscf3625                          The Grotto

dscf3644                       The gardens

dscf3643                   Cockenzie House

dscf3628                   Shells used to decorate a wall

 P3 made calling cards to take with them

                                 Models of the Nandi Bull

Haggis, neeps and tatties

Today the boys and girls made Haggis, neeps and tatties. Miss Letchford was very impressed with their safety whilst chopping and their confidence to try something new! We also listened to Rabbie Burns ‘address to a haggis’ poem and the children laughed at the Scots dialect. More Scots cooking to follow…