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Planting Trees

P4M went out to watch some of the new oak and fir trees being planted around the school and ended up helping to plant one.

The gentleman who was there told us lots of interesting things and he gave us all a gall.  A gall is a leaf bud that a wasp has laid an egg in.  The egg then grows in the bud until a hard shell forms and when the wasp is ready to fly away it makes a tiny hole in the shell then leaves the gall behind. The wasps that grow inside are not the stinging kind.

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Liquid, Solid or Gas?

P4M ended their weather topic with a fun Thursday afternoon.
We made a tornado in a jar.  

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We wrote fantastic weather raps, here are some of them:               

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The sun is fun so I took my son,
Who weighs a ton for a run,
With his toy gun and after that he got a hot cross bun!
Say what? Say what? Say….have fun in the sun.

The Rainy Trip to Spain
I went on plane with a candy cane during the rain and it was such a pain!
My friend called Wayne said, “it’s such as shame cos when he goes to Spain it’s always in the rain.”

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Go Snow!
Go snow, Go snow oh oh
We’ll watch you go oh oh                                             
Why don’t you flow?
Wear your heart and scarf!
Go out on your sledge
Slip and slide oh oh
We’ve almost done so….
Fricky Fricky Fresh…..snow!

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We changed solids into liquids and then back to solids again!

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We saw how water rises as a gas from the kettle and collects in small drops, condensation.  Then we watched the small drops of condensation group back together into a liquid, water, and drip back onto the desk.  This is what happens in the water cycle!

We also played with “gloop”!  When we put toy dinosaurs on top of the gloop they did not sink and when we picked it up it ran through our fingers…we couldn’t decide whether it was a liquid or a solid but enjoyed playing with it and making lots of mess.

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This morning P4/5 were pleased to have a visitor. Marjory Sweeney works in East Lothian schools supporting and encouraging drama. She came in to run a workshop for the children on the life of John Muir. We explored different incidents in John’s life:

  • Climbing on the roof with his wee brother Davey.
  • Out for a walk with his grumpy, sleepy grandad, John is excited to find a nest of mice in a haystack.
  • Presenting his inventions at the Wisconsin State Fair

The inventions proved particularly motivating: we had a Knickerbocker Glory machine, a Cuckoo Clock, a chocolate manufacturing device and a musical box.

It helped the children to think about John Muir in new ways: we already knew he was a biologist, husband, father, son, geologist, farmer, inventor, writer and environmentalist – this morning we realised he might have been a bit of a pest to live with!

It was interesting to see the children experiencing the workshop after the topic, when they already knew the subject quite well. Last year’s class came into the workshop fresher, with less knowledge. This class knew the whole life story beforehand. This may have lessened the wow factor, but it meant that there were hardly any explanations needed, and we perhaps got through more activities.

Our next visitor is dancer Beth Noble, who comes into school on February 25th for a workshop exploring more of John Muir.

Reading is Fun!

The pufferfish reading group in P4M have been hard at work today.  First they listened very carefully to the story of the Gruffalo and then they listened again following the words in the book as the story was read.  Ms Manson then asked them lots of questions about the story and they showed they had listened well because they were able to give fantastic answers.

The children then used finger puppets that they cut out to tell the story to each other, this was great fun!

They then had a discussion about the Gruffalo and the words that were used to describe him, they learned that these words are called adjectives.

The Gruffalo has purple prickles all over his back, orange eyes, knobbly knees, terrible teeth and a black tongue.  The children then had to draw their own Gruffalo and use the adjectives in the book to make sure that they drew him properly. 

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P4 Athletics Festival

We had a very energetic day yesterday!  We walked to and back from Meadowmill to take part in an athletics festival with three other schools; Stoneyhill, Campie and Stenton.  Special thanks to Megan’s dad and Melissa’s mum for coming with us.

We were put into different teams with children from the other schools and some of us were a bit worried about this at first but it was great getting to know new people as well as having fantastic fun.

In our groups we did lots of different activities like the javelin, shuttle run, high stepping, speed bounce and standing triple jump.  Here is a slideshow of us taking part.

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Weather Watchers

Every day after lunch we are going to go outside in small groups and measure the weather.  Today we all went out to see where we will take the measurements from so that they are taken from the same place all the time.

Weather 18th January 2010:

  • Temperature 10 degrees centigrade / 49 degrees fahrenheit
  • Wind direction – westerly
  • Wind speed 4 on the Beaufort scale = light breeze
  • Rain – none

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The class wanted to me to announce the “Stars” this week on Edubuzz so here we go.

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Dylan did a fantastic piece of independent writing.  In his writing he wrote in sentences, used paragraphs and used a word bank and dictionary to help with his spelling.  Keep it up!  This makes Dylan my “Successful Learner of the Week”.

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P4 Maths Set 1

As well as learning our 8 times table we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10.  This was easy until we started using numbers in the hundreds and thousands…but we’re getting good at it.  Have a look at the photos below to see how we have been learning and how good we are.

We played “Gladiators”.  Miss Manson wrote numbers on the board and then once we were in our two teams, boys against girls, she shouted out a number and the contestants at the front of the line had to rub out the number that you would round the shouted number too.  The girls won 12 points to 10!

Then we got out our whiteboards and drew on an empty numberline.  Miss Manson then gave us a number that we had to mark on the numberline and then we had to mark on the two tens numbers that the number was inbetween.  This helps us to see what the nearest 10 is.  We then held up our whiteboards to show our answers.


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