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Italy Trip

The P7 children visiting Barga are now on the final day of their trip. Yesterday they visited Lucca, a medieval walled town and walked round the walls, looked at the architecture and spent lots of their money! This morning , they met the mayor in the Town Hall and, after lunch, will spend the remainder of the day sightseeing in Barga.

Italy Trip

The P7 pupils visiting Italy had a good day yesterday visiting Pisa, before travelling on to Barga.

Today, they are spending the whole day in our twinned school, Scuola Media in Fornaci.  They are working with the children there to plan and prepare a performance for the Italian parents tonight at 9pm.

Fair Trade Coffee and Cotton Afternoon

During Fair Trade Fortnight, P7K and our Fair Trade Steering Group held a ‘Coffee and Cotton Afternoon’ to inform people in the wider community about Fair Trade cotton, and to promote Fair Trade school uniforms. We served homemade tea loaf and banana loaf (all made with Fair Trade ingredients where possible) to accompany our Fair Trade tea and coffee.

Next year, we hope to be able to offer Fair Trade school sweatshirts and polo shirts. We have asked parents and carers to sign a pledge to provide their child or children with one item of Fair Trade school uniform for the beginning of the next school year. So far, we have 45 signatures. We understand that parents may wish to see the items first so during the upcoming parent consultation evenings, samples of Fair Trade sweatshirts and polo shirts can be viewed at our information display in the assembly hall. You can then add your name to our pledge if you wish.

Children in need

We have raised over £900 for children in need so far! We managed to raise this money by collecting sponsor money from our children in need dress up day on Friday the 12th of November. Money was also raised through the selling of Pudsey wristbands and we are hoping to raise some more from other activities we have planned in school.

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By Rebecca, Jack F and Craig M

P7K at New Lanark

P7K had a fantastic day at New Lanark. Here are some of the pupils’ comments about the trip.

‘I learned that the families only had one room to live in.’

Aaron W.

‘The children had to sleep in drawers which pulled out from under the beds.’


‘I really liked the ride and I found the school really interesting. They used chalk to write on a slate.’


‘I liked learning about Annie McLeod’s life and I found out that she had to work in the mill where they made cotton when she was my age.’


‘I liked the video we watched at the end. I learned that Robert Owen made the working conditions better for the people who worked in the mills.’


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