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P7 Scottish Parliament visit

On Wednesday 27th of January P7V and P7S went to Holyrood to visit the Scottish Parliament. We saw demonstrators outside inside the parliament. They were protesting about cuts to teacher training places. There were loads of MSPs. We had a little debate at the start about homework and other subjects, it was good. Then we went in to watch a real debate by the MSPs. They were voting about whether cigarettes should be moved from shop shelves.  All the MSPs were there because it was a Stage 3 debate. There were cameras everywere. I still do not know if we were on tv. We all got a little tour around the building.   Some MSPs from different political parties came down to talk to us and we found out how the parliament works. We looked at display dowstairs which shows how many MSPs from each party are at the parliament.  Then we went outside and did a little survey about the building and thje architecture.  We walked up the Royal Mile and saw the Queens Gallery.  Then it was time to go back to Cockenzie. I think we all had a very good time and we had a safe journey back home.

Head of Scottish Labour Party visits P7

Last week MSP Iain Gray came into school to tell us about the Scottish Parliament and what its like being an MSP. We got the chance to ask him about his job and his opinions. We have his photo and signature on the wall !

Here are some of the questions we asked him:                                                                                                 1.  Primary 7: Is the power station going to be knocked down?  

    Iain Gray:  It needs to be decommissioned by 2015 but if you feel strongly about this why don’t you write to Scottish Power and tell them .

2. Primary 7: What are the worst bits about your job ?

Iain Gray: Lots of people come to me with problems and sometimes there is nothing I can do to help them. It is quite hard to send  people away.

3. Primary 7: Do you enjoy the debates at the parliament?

Iain Gray: I like the debates but sometimes they can be a bit boring if its not about something you’re interested in.   Sometimes MSPs do fall asleep!

P7 pupils are going to France

Just arrived in france
Just arrived in france
Heading to the shops to spend our Euros in rouen
Heading to the shops to spend our Euros in Rouen
can I offer you a snail or frogs' legs?
Can I offer you a snail or frogs' legs?

24 P7 pupils have signed up to go to France in May next year.  This will be the third time pupils from Cockenzie have made the trip to Chateau de Chantereine, Criel-sur-mer  in Normandy.  The journey is made by coach from the school to France via the Channel Tunnel, leaving late on the Sunday night and arriving in France about 12 hours later.  During the holiday the children have the opportunity to try out their French, eat French food, including snails and frog’s legs, visit the mediaeval city of Rouen  and see some of the World War One memorials and sites.  Finally the trip is over on the Friday and all that is left to do is to come home, after a great week.

P6 and P6/7 do the Jitterbug.

Ready with a partner
Ready with a partner

On Thursday 29th October in the morning P6 and P6/7 pupils  learned how to do the Jitterbug.  Fly Right came to the school and worked with each class for an hour each.   Dancing the jitterbug was popular during WW2 and as they have been studying this period of history it seemed like a fun thing to do.  The strains of  Glen Millar drifted along the corridors.   A great way to find out how people entertained themselves.