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Burns Assembly

Today on the 28th of January, Cockenzie Primary are having an Burns assembly. There will be one child that got through in each class and will be competing against other children in their year to win a prize. The poems are Street Talk, Scottish Rain, Tam O’ Shanter, To a Mouse, the Crocodile and Fireworks at the Castle.Robert_burns

by Ross and Ethan

The Hockey Tournament

Hockey tournament  for chosen P7’s rearranged to the 17th of November 2015 . After the disappointment of the cancelling of the tournament due to the bad weather conditions . The chosen P7’s are excited the tournament has been rearranged and want to win it.

By Harris Weir & Jack Clark


p7 and p6 topics

We have been learning about science and lately we have been working on sound waves. P7 have been learning about science from the beginning of term. We have been learning about sound waves and have watched a few YouTube clips. p6 have also been learning about science as well we have completed  some crosswords and are in the middle of solids liquids and gases

from Ross Buckley and Kieron  Beaumont

Science Experiments

Recently the primary 7s have been learning about science experiments and lots more facts about science. We have done experiments on bread to see if it moulds quicker if you touch it with dirty hands but the result was different as the bread moulded exactly the same. we have also done a boat experiment and we built boats made of Lego and we looked at the biggest boat and if they float or not. We also checked how much marbles you could fit inside your boat and then we checked if they floated then. Andrew Sutherland P7S