Health and Wellbeing Activity Week: Monday 1st – Friday 5th June

Welcome to Health and Wellbeing Activity Week!

Health and Wellbeing Activity Week

A home learning activity grid containing 14 different indoor and outdoor activities is attached below:

Health and Wellbeing Activity Grid


Alternative ‘Sports Day’
To take account of the fact we will be unable to hold our annual Sports Day, we have also included an additional Sports themed activity grid. Our PE Specialist, Mrs Dougal, has created this and it is packed with fun suggestions and online links.

Sports Day Activity Grid 2020

As always, these activities are optional and there is no pressure to complete a set amount of activities per day. It is up to each individual family how and when they complete an activity, if any.

We hope everyone enjoys the activities on offer. We love to see what everyone is getting up to, so please do continue to share pictures through Google Classroom or Tweet us @CockenziePS

Many thanks again for you continued support and engagement.

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