Health and Safety

There are listed rules on health and safety regarding safe behaviour on the  school premises.
Children are given the opportunity to learn the procedures to be adopted in case of fire or bomb alerts with practice drills.

The Education & Childrens’ Services Department has prepared statements of safety policies for all areas of its responsibility in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work act 1974.

School staff are fully instructed in their responsibilities in this respect, and safety regulations apply to aspects of school life both on and off the premises. It is expected that pupils will behave responsibility and comply with all safety requirements.

The support of parents in promoting good practice in health and safety is of great importance to the school. Dogs of any breed are not permitted on the school premises.

For reasons of safety and security, there is only one access door into school for parents and members of the public. This door is sited at the front of the building. If you have an appointment, or wish to make one, please enter by this door and ring for attention.

When pupils are at school, the responsibility for their safety rests with the council. The Headteacher and staff (including playground supervisors) undertake this responsibility as the council’s representatives. This means that reasonable steps should be taken to prevent any pupils suffering injury and to ensure that
accidents or difficulties can be reported to a responsible adult and appropriate action taken.

Download East Lothian council’s Health & Safety Policy  from here.

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