In our school we expect all pupils to be dressed smartly at all times. Our uniform consists of a maroon sweatshirt worn with grey/black trousers or skirt.   Primary 7 pupils can choose to wear a different coloured sweatshirt. The colour is voted for at the end of Primary 6 in time to order for the next academic year.

The Nursery Class pupils are encouraged to wear a purple coloured sweatshirt with the Nursery Class logo printed on it.

Jeans and skirts made from denim materials are not regarded as suitable school wear, nor are football strips/tops, track suits, joggers or clothing emblazened with manufacturers’ logos.

Jewellery is not permitted in our school, although pupils may wear a small watch.

We hope that you will support us by encouraging your child to attend school in clothing that is neat, tidy, in line with the school dress code and appropriate to the needs of the curriculum in which they are engaged.

For Physical Education lessons, children MUST come equipped with a pair of gym shoes, shorts and a t-shirt. They must be exclusively for this purpose. Football kits are NOT permitted. Occasionally children will be asked to bring in outdoor PE clothing, this may include joggers depending on the sport in which they will be partaking. Parents will be contacted if a child repeatedly fails to bring in an appropriate gym kit.

The council operates a scheme of provision to ensure that all pupils can be sufficiently and suitably clad to take full advantage of the education provided.    Families in receipt of certain allowances automatically qualify and parents should seek further information from the school office.   Parents who wish to apply for the scheme should complete an application form which is available from the school or from the Education & Community Services, Pupil Support Division at John Muir House, Haddington EH41 3HA.

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