Liquid, Solid or Gas?

P4M ended their weather topic with a fun Thursday afternoon.
We made a tornado in a jar.  

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We wrote fantastic weather raps, here are some of them:               

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The sun is fun so I took my son,
Who weighs a ton for a run,
With his toy gun and after that he got a hot cross bun!
Say what? Say what? Say….have fun in the sun.

The Rainy Trip to Spain
I went on plane with a candy cane during the rain and it was such a pain!
My friend called Wayne said, “it’s such as shame cos when he goes to Spain it’s always in the rain.”

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Go Snow!
Go snow, Go snow oh oh
We’ll watch you go oh oh                                             
Why don’t you flow?
Wear your heart and scarf!
Go out on your sledge
Slip and slide oh oh
We’ve almost done so….
Fricky Fricky Fresh…..snow!

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We changed solids into liquids and then back to solids again!

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We saw how water rises as a gas from the kettle and collects in small drops, condensation.  Then we watched the small drops of condensation group back together into a liquid, water, and drip back onto the desk.  This is what happens in the water cycle!

We also played with “gloop”!  When we put toy dinosaurs on top of the gloop they did not sink and when we picked it up it ran through our fingers…we couldn’t decide whether it was a liquid or a solid but enjoyed playing with it and making lots of mess.

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P5/6, P6 & P6/7 Enjoy the Italian Carnivale

On Tuesday 9th of February pupils in P5/6, P6 and P6/7 got their gladrags on and enjoyed an Italian style Carnivale.  The pupils have been working hard each week learning Italian with Simoneta and relished the chance to let their hair down, Italian style. Italian themed food was served, including pizza and pasta dishes. [rockyou 156548640]  Also on the agenda was a parade where pupils struted their stuff, showing off their fancy dress and the boys got to show off their model poses, not mentioning any names Sam!  The pupils had also been designing masks for the carnivale which they wore on the day.  Prizes were awarded for fancy dress and for the most creative masks.  Have a look at some of our snaps from the day.

Visit to the Palace of Holyroodhouse

P5M accompanied finally visited Holyroodhouse last Wednesday. They enjoyed a bracing walk through the park where they stopped to eat their snacks and watch the antics of the swans on the frozen lake. At Holyroodhouse they saw for real, where Mary Stuart and her second husband, Lord Darnley, had lived, their bedrooms with the chamber pots under the beds (very amusing!) and the supposed blood stains left where David Riccio had been murdered. They all enjoyed being detectives, following the clues to find various possessions belonging to Mary. In the education room they became journalists, writing newspaper reports on the murder of Riccio.

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P6 Burns Supper

In an earlier article on our blog about our primary 6 Burns Supper we told you all about the preparations.    We would now like to share some of the pictures with you.    more pictures are still to be added.    Watch this space!

rebecca sheddan, cameron white, terri mcgrath

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Delicious breakfast treats

Today, P2T and P2R sampled some delicious morning treats as part of their “Farmhouse Breakfast” . We enjoyed toast with lime marmalade, porridge with honey, banana and yoghurt muesli, eggy muffins and a gorgeous fruit cocktail. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Mrs Corr and the happy eaters!
Mrs Corr and the happy eaters!


Our Trip to Edinburgh

On Tuesday Primary 3T and 3M battled the weather and visited the capital city to bring their topic to life.

They had a very busy day visiting parts of the castle, taking a walk down the Royal Mile whilst playing I Spy.  P3T then visited Chambers Street Museum and spotted an example of a croft and Scottish life. They also looked at the gold necklaces found in Stirling dating back to the Bronze Age.  Meanwhile, P3M visited Greyfriars Cemetry and discovered the head stones of ‘Old Jock’ and the Scottish legend himself Greyfriars Bobby.   After a quick lunch at the museum everyone made a quick dash down to The Waverly Bridge to catch an open topped tour bus.  This was enjoyed by all despite some children believing we were in the Arctic!

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P7 Scottish Parliament visit

On Wednesday 27th of January P7V and P7S went to Holyrood to visit the Scottish Parliament. We saw demonstrators outside inside the parliament. They were protesting about cuts to teacher training places. There were loads of MSPs. We had a little debate at the start about homework and other subjects, it was good. Then we went in to watch a real debate by the MSPs. They were voting about whether cigarettes should be moved from shop shelves.  All the MSPs were there because it was a Stage 3 debate. There were cameras everywere. I still do not know if we were on tv. We all got a little tour around the building.   Some MSPs from different political parties came down to talk to us and we found out how the parliament works. We looked at display dowstairs which shows how many MSPs from each party are at the parliament.  Then we went outside and did a little survey about the building and thje architecture.  We walked up the Royal Mile and saw the Queens Gallery.  Then it was time to go back to Cockenzie. I think we all had a very good time and we had a safe journey back home.

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