P4 went to the Highland Show

P4 went to the Highland Show yesterday and everybody had a great time.  We left school before 9 am    and returned  at 4.30pm.   We saw lots of  animals and visited lots of different stalls.  We got free tastes of food,  bags of goodies and we  even made things and did puzzles.   All the children were in small groups with a teacher and everybody did different things.   I don’t know about the children but I was exhausted at the end of the day.   I had a lovely group to look after and we had a great time together.    I hope I get asked to help again next year.

Trip to France in P7 2012

As you know we asked for people to sign up for  the trip to France.   I understand people are worried that they will not get their deposit  back if the trip does not go ahead.  We don’t get deposits back if we have confirmed numbers with Kingswood but we have not done that yet.  If there not enough people who say they are going I will return the deposits and tell Kinswood we are not going.    I will wait till the end of August  to do this so if you are  interested  but have not  sent in  a deposit yet there is still time.   If not enough people sign  up by then we will cancel our provisional booking.   I hope this clarifies the situation for you.

FLIP: a group for parents and carers of children with additional support needs

FLIP (Family-led information point) is a group for parents and carers of children with additional support needs.

It offers members the chance to share experiences and knowledge and information about services and support for children with additional support needs and their families. FLIP normally meets once a month or so to discuss what’s happening.

Find out more about FLIP. 

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This “multipost” has been added to all school eduBuzz sites on behalf of Lisa Shine, Service Development Officer, ELC Children’s Services, to help raise awareness of this new service amongst East Lothian parents.

P7 pupils went to Italy

It does lean overon the first daay , exploring in barga[nggallery id=47]busy busyconcert rehearsaloutside the leaning towetr of Pisaan audience with the mayor, viiew from the mayor's balcony, hotel in the distanceexploring the old town in Bargain Barga on the way to the DuomaIn the Scuola Media working on props for the concertOn the 10th of May 8 pupils from Cockenzie set off on their adventure to Barga in Italy.   They all met at the airport at 6.30 am where Mrs Corr , Mrs Chalmers and Mr Scott were waiting for them.  They said their goodbyes to their families and got organised to go through to their plane.

A bus met them at the airport in Pisa and took them to their hotel in Barga,  La Pergola , where they were allocated their rooms.   That afternoon they explored Barga discovering Lucchiesi’s, a great place for lunch with hot chocolate like soup  and later in the afternoon La Gelateria where they sampled the ice cream.  At night they went out for pizza at La Pergolina  where,  much to everyone’s surprise and delight, teachers from the local schools came and joined them.

The next day they met the teachers again  at the school they are twinned with , the Scuola Media in Fernaci de Barga.  They took the local bus and got to the school just after 9.00am,  the school had been open from 8.00am and they were welcomed by all the pupils.  Each class had prepared a welcome speech in Italian and English.  The Cockenzie pupils were presented with an Italian flag and they handed over  to the school two mosaics of the Italian and Scottish flags and  also  a pottery, tartan painted heart.   The children from both schools then worked together on props for the concert to be held that night in the cinema in Fernaci.  They rehearsed their sketches and practised their songs.   That teatime the children had a picnic tea on the terrace of their hotel before going back to Fernaci for the concert in the evening.

There were various items that the children  did together.  They sang “Volare” and  “The Dark Island” together and  the 8 children from Cockenzie sang “Per Fare un  tavolo”,  they also performed a sketch called “Dove Siamo?”  translated “Where are we?”   Each child had a part  which completed the puzzle, Connor – Galileo,  Cameron –  Marco , guida turistica, Ricardo -a chef, Aiden – an Inter Milan footballer,  Craig – Mirco Bergamasco,  Jack – Enzo Ferrari, Bobbi – Francesa Schiavone, the tennis player  and last but not least Sam  – Paulo Nutini.  “Allora , siamo in Italia.” We are in Italy.   The children thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Italian school and were welcomed with open arms by the Italian children.

On the Thursday they had another early start and went to Lucca to sight see in the walled city.   On the Friday the children had an audience with the Sindaco,  Marco Bonini, and his junta.  ( the mayor and his team of elected officials).  This was a very formal occasion where they were welcomed by the mayor and they were told how important the twinning between Barga and East Lothian is.  They were given an invitation to give to Sheena Richardson, the provost, to attend Barga’s San Cristoforo celebrations in July.  They had their photo taken on the mayor’s balcony overlooking Barga.  If you google Barga news  you will find an article and some photographs.  In the afternoon they visited the old town in Barga and went to the Duomo, the church at the top of the hill,  where there were lovely views.   The trip ended with a visit to the Torre Pendente in Pisa (the leaning tower of Pisa)  on the way to the airport to fly back home to Edinburgh on the Saturday afternoon.   The children and staff  all had a fantastic time and would love to do it all again.

Italy Trip

The P7 children visiting Barga are now on the final day of their trip. Yesterday they visited Lucca, a medieval walled town and walked round the walls, looked at the architecture and spent lots of their money! This morning , they met the mayor in the Town Hall and, after lunch, will spend the remainder of the day sightseeing in Barga.

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